Mosquito fogging underway in Huntsville

Environmentalists are trying to combat the pests to keep you and your family safe.

Posted: May 22, 2019 5:35 PM
Updated: May 22, 2019 6:51 PM

This week, North Alabama is experiencing record high heat, and mosquito fogging is underway in Huntsville. Environmentalists are trying to combat the pests to keep you and your family safe.

Madison County Vector Control said with high temperatures and lots of rainfall the past few months, it has made for perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

Sam Rice, who lives in Hampton Cove, said he wasn't surprised to hear environmentalists in Madison County caught nearly 900 mosquitoes in one night in a trap set in Hays Nature Preserve.

"Given all the rain that we've had and this weather, I'm not surprised by that," he said.

Vector Control Supervisor Cheryl Clay works with the Madison County Health Department and said she works with the city of Huntsville every year by sending fog trucks out each week night to combat the problem.

"The fog goes 150 feet on each side of the truck. Any mosquitoes that come in contact with that fog takes care of those mosquitoes," she said.

Clay said her crews are working hard to make their way around the city to fog, because the heat speeds up the breeding process.

"You're going to have more adults in the air. More females to lay more eggs and make mosquitoes," she said.

Clay explained controlling the mosquito population doesn't only fall on her crews, but also on homeowners doing their part to stop them from breeding.

"When it's this warm, we need to check our yard a couple of times a week after a rain event for any standing water as little as a teaspoon," she said.

Rice said he's hired a private company for mosquito control because of how bad they can be at his house.

They're pretty bad down here. I came from the Midwest, so we actually do mosquito control at our house, because it does get to the point where you can't be outside," he said.

Vector Control said if you're having a mosquito problem in Madison County, you can contact them and they will come out to your home and assess the issue. However, they're only able to fog within the Huntsville city limits, so if you live outside of it, you'll have to contact your county commissioner about fogging.

Vector Control said West Nile virus is the biggest concern when it comes to mosquito-transmitted diseases in our area. The virus can cause encephalitis, which can cause your brain to swell and it can be deadly. The also said Zika can still be transmitted by mosquitoes in North Alabama, but with no cases across the country this year or last year, it's not really a threat.

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