People complaining of vehicle damage after water got into gas supply at Huntsville Exxon station

The Exxon owner told WAAY 31 they are reimbursing people who can show proof they bought the gas with water in it at this station and that their car repairs were because of the water in the gas.

Posted: Mar 19, 2019 8:26 PM
Updated: Mar 19, 2019 10:40 PM

Right now, you couldn't get gas at the Exxon on Governors' Drive, even if you wanted to.

The pumps are bagged and tied to make sure no one else unknowingly pumps water into their tanks, but for some people, the damage is already done.

One driver, Malcolm Jones, said he stops at the gas station almost every day.

"I'll probably get food out of here, but I won't get no more gas out of here," Jones said. "First thing in the morning, before I come to work, it's going to be my first priority to get my car checked out and make sure ain't nothing wrong with it."

We were the first to tell him the pumps are shut down, because water got into the gas supply.

If your car is already messed up because of the gas contaminated with water, you know how expensive repairs can be. Ryan Mazur at Kevin's Auto Repair told WAAY 31 they've seen four cars in two weeks with water in the gas tanks. He said the owners of at least two of them said they got the gas from the Exxon station.

"If you've just got water in there and you've got a regular gasoline engine, we just drain the tank, get all the water out, flush out the lines and make sure there's no water in there, let it run for a little bit, and you're good," Mazur said.

Mazur said that's the best case scenario and it will cost you about $400. He said the worst case scenario would be if you got water in a diesel engine. He said that could cost up to $10,000. He suspects the uptick in cars breaking down because of water in their tanks started with the heavy rain.

"If these fuel stations don't have very good, I guess, drainage, that water will go right in their tanks and that's what you'll be putting in your tank when you fill up there," Mazur said.

That's pretty much what happened at this Exxon. The owner said rain water got into the station's tank. Tags on the pumps indicate they've been closed since March 13th, but there's no telling how many people pumped the contaminated gas beforehand.

The Exxon owner told WAAY 31 they are reimbursing everyone who can show proof they bought the gas with water in it at this gas station and their car repairs were because of water in the gas. The owner said they've already reimbursed 15 to 20 people, each person getting back an average of $650.

We also talked to two people who say they pumped some of this gas. They didn't want to go on camera but said they're dealing with $400 to $1,400 worth of damage they claim came from gas they got at this Exxon. Both people said they're going to try to get in touch with the owner to get reimbursed.

The owner told WAAY 31 they hope to be able to offer gas again next week. He said the state came out to close the pumps, and they have to come out again for a full inspection to make sure there's no more water in the gas before they can reopen.

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