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People in Lacey's Spring frustrated with ongoing major flooding

People in Lacey's Spring are prepared for more flooding, but some of them are fed up dealing with it.

Posted: Feb 11, 2020 8:24 PM

Flooding is making it hard for people in the Lacey's Spring community of Morgan County to come and go from their homes. It’s one of North Alabama’s hardest hit areas in the last week of rain.

For the third straight day, River Loop Road in Lacey's Spring is a problem. And it's only getting worse with more rain coming in the next day. This is what people who live here are dealing with and some of them are getting frustrated.

"Every time it rains, it floods over here. This is my life...Every time it floods every year," says Paul.

Paul, who not want to give me his last name, lives off River Loop Road in Lacey's Spring. He's lived here for 19 years and deals with flooding frequently.

"This is one of the problems right here. The ditches are stocked up. They don't clean them our or dig them out like they used to. We need some help over here," says Paul.

Paul told WAAY 31 every time it floods he deals with a number of problems.

"I get trash from everyone's yard. I have to clean it up," he says. He tells WAAY 31,"I can't afford to move or find another place to live. I can't afford it. I'm 64 years old".

Both Paul and Ruth Rogers have left their homes to live with other friends and family because of this flooding. Roger's home and yard is flooded and says she has close to one foot of flood water in her basement.

"You're never prepared for a flood really because you never know how fast the water is gonna come up," says Rogers.

Rogers explained the more flooding she may get, the more things she will have to worry about.

"I say in another 3 feet, it'll be in my electrical so I'll have to get back out here and shut my power off," she says.

And more rain is expected in the next 24 hours.

"We have to deal with it. That's it we have to deal with it," explains Paul.

The commissioner who maintains this road in Morgan County told us the county is working to fix the problem and there are currently ditches in place.

He also said this area of Lacey's Spring is extremely flat, so there's no where for the water to go, which causes flooding.

Paul and Ruth Rogers live close to Valley Street, which is underwater. Parts of the street are about 3 inches deep, and neighbors tell us other areas are more than 2 feet high.

A lot of the homes on Valley Street are mobile homes, some are on stilts. Some people who live there evacuated their homes because the amount of flood water on their street.

But others who stayed -- are now forced to stay inside of their home.

"I have a house out here that I need to make sure it ok and people aren't breaking into it. Because you can never tell," says Rogers.

"If you get flooded out here, get out when you can," says Paul.

There's garbage in the flood waters on Valley Street and that's because neighbors said they put their garbage out Monday morning, but because of the flooding, it was never picked up.

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