Man accused of robbing Huntsville seniors also has three open court cases against him

Frederick McCreary is accused of going on a crime spree Sunday morning.

Posted: Aug 28, 2019 10:50 PM
Updated: Aug 29, 2019 7:52 AM

The man accused of robbing elderly people in Huntsville also has three open court cases against him. Two of the previous cases against 22 year old Frederick McCreary are criminal. One for having a concealed weapon without a permit and one for possessing the illegal drug spice.

Two brand new robbery charges were added to that wrap sheet Sunday. They stem from his alleged crime spree that police said started in the Blossomwood area aent up into northwest Huntsville before ending in the Five Points area.

Frederick Oneal McCreary

Police said security camera video from homes in the Blossomwood neighborhood helped them identify McCreary and track him down. Neighbors in the area told WAAY 31 this case proves how valuable a neighborhood watch can be.

Bill Marks lives on Hermitage Avenue. That is where McCreary is accused of making his second stop on his crime spree to try and break into a car. The security camera on his house showed a neighbor screaming at McCreary to leave, which he did.

WAAY 31 did not show the video because his neighbor doesn't want her identity shown, but Marks described her actions, "she certainly came across as very bold and audacious," said McCreary.

Police told WAAY 31 McCreary came to Hermitage Avenue after stealing the wallet of an 84 year old man after he waved him down at the corner of Willis Circle and Colice Road, "those two events happened really close together, so by the time we arrived on the first event the second event had already occurred. It's just the call came in a little bit later," said Lt. Michael Johnson with the Huntsville Police Department. 

After the 2nd stop on his accused crime spree, police told WAAY 31 McCreary came to the Dollar General Market and asked a 74 year old for money in the check out line. When they didn't give it to him, he hopped in his car and followed them home. McCreary is accused of pushing the 74 year old down on Fernbrook Drive and stealing their wallet.

Police said they tracked McCreary down with the help of the community just a few hours later.

Marks told WAAY 31 all neighborhoods should look out for one another like his did Sunday, because it can, "give each other a feeling that, 'hey, if I just happen to be complacent one day at least my neighbors got my back,'" said Marks.

When police arrested McCreary, his mom is accused of trying to hide marijuana and pills from police. Police are actively investigating that case and have not pressed any charges right now.

McCreary is already out of jail on a $15,000 bond.

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