Madison juvenile detention center Sequel TSI's business license revoked after multiple escapes

The Madison City Council voted unanimously to revoke the license.

Posted: Aug 14, 2019 8:14 PM
Updated: Aug 15, 2019 7:36 AM

The Madison City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to revoke the business license of the juvenile detention center, Sequel TSI. 

It comes after multiple escapes from the facility, formerly called Three Springs. If they don't vacate within seven days, the city can take legal action. Dozens of people spoke at a public meeting on Wednesday night asking Madison City Council to revoke their business license. 

Gregg Travis was one of those people. He lives two miles from the facility that is formerly known as Three Springs. With the history of escapes the facility has, "it's really concerning," said Travis.

When there are escapes, Travis won't hesitate to use force, "I will protect my family, but I don't want to be put in that position," said Travis.

Several people who spoke at the public hearing on Wednesday night felt the same way. Every single person wanted the same thing, "it needs to be moved," said Travis. 

We are less than three weeks removed from three juveniles escaping from the facility. They were caught by law enforcement within an hour and a half.

Back in August of 2017, two juveniles escaped from the facility and are accused of killing a man behind a Publix in Limestone County. In April of 2018, the Madison City Council voted to renew the business license for the facility.

At the meeting Wednesday night, Sequel asked the city council to continue working with them and to not revoke their license, "everyone can win. Everyone concerned can be respected and understood and hopefully satisfied. We can do this without a fight," said the Regional Vice President of Sequel TSI Kenny Roberts.

City Council President Steve Smith told WAAY 31 the time for working with Sequel is over. The council revoked their business license and even shortened the time they have to do it. From 30 days to only 7, "7 days may seem short if you look at it for tonight for the next 7 days, but in reality, they've had a year and a half to work on that issue and we said, 'enough's enough,'" said Smith.

After the vote, a spokesman for Sequel TSI told WAAY 31 they are disappointed by the outcome and they will have to reevaluate their options. The attorney for the facility would not comment.

The City Attorney for Madison said Sequel TSI can appeal the decision in court and expects them to do so. 

We spoke to the attorney representing the Alabama Department of Youth Services, who said the department has a contingency plan in place for the juveniles at the facility. He did not know what the plan was.

WAAY 31 has emailed the department of youth services to find out where the kids will be taken to. We are still waiting for a response.

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