Madison Hospital's Wellness Center to soon start offering monoclonal antibody treatments

The clinic will open next week and they'll also start offering COVID vaccines as well.

Posted: Sep 9, 2021 8:49 PM
Updated: Sep 10, 2021 11:38 AM

Hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients and the situation is so intense, that some health care facilities are going to extremes to get a monoclonal antibody treatment to people in an effort to help them avoid a hospital stay.

"People have to make that decision for themselves about the vaccine, but we're to the point if you came to this hospital right now with a heart attack, I don't know how long it's going to take us to see you because I don't have a bed to put you on," said Mary Lynn Wright, president of Madison Hospital.

Madison Hospital closed its wellness and sports center to members and converted it to a new monoclonal treatment clinic.

"People need to get the vaccine in order to never get to that level and that's what we really need people to help us with," said Wright.

Wright said her staff’s work load is becoming insane.

She said mostly all the patients are sick with COVID-19 and many are not​​ vaccinated.

"The volume of patients we have right now, it's never ending. Two years ago, we would have a really bad day occasionally. We're having a busy, overwhelming day now," she said.

In the emergency room, they can house about 90 patients.

On Thursday, they were already at nearly 110.

Wright told us they had 18 patients waiting​​ for a bed and nearly 40 more just in the waiting room, needing to get to the ER.

Wright hopes the new monoclonal antibody treatment clinic will help ease some of the strain on hospital workers.

"Our goal is to get you better and to wheel you outside to your car and that's just not happening and it's very hard on the staff," she said.

Wright told us the infusion is only for people who meet very specific requirements, and even though it is now available, she urges this is a last resort to keep you out of the hospital.

She also stated all of this can be prevented if you wear a mask and roll your sleeve up.

"Listen to the scientists, get the vaccine and keep yourself and your family safe. That's all we can do," said Wright.

The clinic will begin operating next week and wright told WAAY-31 along with not only the new clinic starting next week and COVID testing already being done, they'll also begin administering COVID vaccines next week as well.

To learn the needs that have to met in order to get the monoclonal treatment you can click here and see where else the treatment is being offered.

The wellness center is officially closed for member services, but they told us you are allowed to go to any other facility in the Huntsville Hospital network and they're extending membership by an extra month.

Right now, it's unclear how long the closure will last.

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