Juror in Limestone Co. Sheriff Mike Blakely’s trial says guilty verdicts not unanimous

Limestone Co. Sheriff Mike Blakely waves while entering courthouse

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Posted: Aug 5, 2021 3:44 PM
Updated: Aug 5, 2021 5:11 PM

Lawyers for ex Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely have filed a motion for a mistrial after one of the criminal case’s jurors came forward saying the two guilty verdicts in the trial were not unanimous.

Sue McEwan Pentecost, in an affidavit, says: “On Count 2 and Count 13, despite what we told the judge when we were polled, we were not unanimous.

“I never saw anything during the trial with any evidence of testimony that convinced me Michael Blakely was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of Count 2 and Count 13.

“... I’m ashamed of myself for not saying something when I was asked. I want to set the record straight now.”

Blakely on Monday was convicted on two of 10 counts: Count 2 Theft of Property and Count 13 Use of Official Position for Personal Gain (Inmate jail fund).

Pentecost said she has several health issues, and that she went into AFib when deliberations began.

“My medical condition is what caused me to incorrectly tell other jurors and the judge that my vote was guilty on Count 2 and Count 13 even though it was not,” she says in the affidavit.

Stay with WAAY 31 for updates

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