Huntsville radio station continues to play controversial Christmas song

The national #MeToo movement is pushing for radio stations to pull 'Baby its cold outside' from the air, but Mix 96.9 will still play it.

Posted: Dec 12, 2018 10:56 PM

Wednesday a california radio station is playing a controversial christmas classic again, after outrage from the community. You've probably heard of some radio stations pulling the song “Baby it's Cold Outside” in light of the #MeToo movement.

The one radio station playing a majority of christmas music in Huntsville is not pulling the controversial song as well. Mix 96.9 said 'Baby It's Cold Outside' has been played 10,000 times in the past week by 110 Christmas radio stations throughout the country, so they aren't the only station continuing to play the song amid the calls to take it down.

One of the lyrics in the song the #MeToo movement has a problem with is when the woman asks, "Say, whats in this drink," because of date rape drug culture.

While the movement is trying to get stations to stop playing it, the General Manager of 96.9, Nate Adams, has actually gotten calls to make sure it's still playing, "We haven't had one complaint about this particular song and it really doesn't surprise me," said Adams.

They'll keep playing it because listeners want them to, "They're not going to allow us, or dictate, what we try to do and what songs we play," said Adams.

The station still respects the movement and its fight to get rid of sexual assault, "We're not obviously condoning that by playing this particular song," said Adams.

Dennis Bartolotta of Huntsville said its just a lighthearted song, "Kind of embodies the spirit of christmas and I think people perhaps take the political correctness movement one step too far and they should just enjoy the holidays," said Bartolotta.

Kelsey Cramer is a self proclaimed feminist and said the outcry over the song around the country is distracting, "I think if people are correlating the two together I think you're downplaying what the #metoo movement really is standing for," said Cramer.

Mix 96.9 told WAAY 31 me there is not a lot of new christmas music coming out these days, but if there was isues like this might not come up, because artists would be more in tune with the #MeToo movement.

Star trek actor, William Shatner, weighed in on the song controversy as well. He tweeted that "Censorship of classics" because of people judging them through, "Their own 2018 myopic glasses," is dangerous. He added, "Is this 1984 only 34 years too late?" Most of his fans seemed to agree.

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