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Huntsville doctor facing federal charges accused of housing prostitutes, buying illegal drugs

Dr. Marshall Plotka

We've learned from the federal authorities Plotka has not been given bond. He's expected to have a detention hearing next week.

Posted: Apr 17, 2019 6:50 PM
Updated: Apr 17, 2019 8:36 PM

WAAY 31 is learning about the Huntsville doctor that's facing a federal charge. Authorities say Marshall Plotka recruited prostitutes he had sex with to become patients at his clinic.

Court documents show he also allowed them to abuse illegal drugs at his house. His clinic, Phoenix Emergency Care, was located in Jones Valley. The clinic had a variety of specialties, including pain management. It closed late last month after federal authorities raided the building.

Former patients say they can't retrieve their medical files.

One of Plotka's patients said she's been trying to get someone who worked for Dr. Plotka to call her back about her medical files. She's left in shock hearing about what her former doctor is accused of.

"It's very shocking and upsetting that I trusted a physician to control my family, my personal medical things. It's very, very shocking to hear all of this," she said.

The Madison County woman said Marshall Plotka was her family doctor for several years. She doesn't want to be identified for her privacy since he was her doctor. Now, she says she can't get a copy of her medical records because her former doctor is in federal custody.

"I've barely found a family physician. I've been unable to find a pain management physician. No one will take me without my personal medical records. I've reached out as far as Chattanooga, Tennessee to try to find a doctor, but they also have to have my records."

In a criminal complaint filed in federal court, an FBI agent outlines what Plotka's accuses of doing inside his home in Hampton Cove, about 13 miles from his clinic, a place Huntsville police officers were called to 35 times since 2015.

The FBI obtained a message from Plotka to a prostitute where he claimed he was a doctor trying to treat pain as well as addiction.

The message read, "I'm trying to help with Suboxone, but apparently I need to be a dope dealer," he said.

The agent says in the Federal Complaint that Plotka ended up giving the prostitute he sent that message to heroin, following that conversation.

"That's sick. That's all I can say," his patient said.

That's not the only time he was accused of providing illegal drugs to prostitutes.

Another woman inside his home told police and paramedics, "she had been doing methamphetamine and that individuals at Dr. Plotka's residence were "after her," and that she was quote "living with Dr. Plotka at the time and sharing his bedroom."

The federal complaint outlines multiple relationships and states two prostitutes overdosed at his house in 2018. He provided basic needs for the women and their siblings, or associates, including money to buy drugs.

"I certainly was fooled and would have never thought this, and would have never saw it coming," she said.

The complaint also shows when FBI agents went to interview him, he, "admitted that he has seen syringes in his house and knows that people use illegal drugs in his house. Dr. Plotka further admitted that nearly all of his spoons have gone missing, and that he concluded that the spoons were being used for illegal drug use at his house."

We've learned from the federal authorities Plotka has not been given bond. He's expected to have a detention hearing next week.
WAAY 31 is working to find out when and where that will happen.

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