How to keep the flu out of your home

According to a local physician, disinfectants aren't the best way to keep the flu away from your home.

Posted: Feb 8, 2018 5:20 PM
Updated: Mar 10, 2020 3:40 PM

WAAY 31 did some research to find out how you can keep the flu from ever entering your home.

First, we went to Amazon with this question: What can people have in their homes in as little as two days that will help them dodge the flu bullet?


We pulled five of the most popular options.

Next, we found an expert.

Keeshia Cloud is a nurse practitioner. That means that when it comes to out patient care, she can do just about anything a doctor can.

We laid out pictures of five products in front of her, and we asked her what works and what you can go without.

Believe it or not, she gave the decontamination lotion kit a thumbs down.

Cloud did tell WAAY 31 the product that is most effective.

"If you're out in the crowd and you can't help who's around you then, yes, a mask is going to be the best bet," Cloud said.

According to Cloud, the mask is the most effective item to keep you from catching the flu, but you have to wear it the right way.

Here's an easy way to remember which way to wear your mask:

Wearing the mask with the white side facing out means you are well. There is a filter on the white side that keeps germs from getting through.

The blue side means you're feeling blue and you have the flu. That side keeps germs from going through your mask and out into the healthy public.

Even though the mask may look silly, Cloud told WAAY 31 that all the cleaners and disinfectants in the world won't keep you from getting the flu.

"The sanitation comes in when you already have the flu," Cloud said.

She said sanitation works in public places like schools and restaurants.

"As far as personal home use, the best is hand sanitation and a mask," Cloud said.

Cloud also told WAAY 31 that if you insist on sanitizing, you can stick with a simple disinfectant wipe or spray.

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