Hazel Green mother recovering from coronavirus

One mother shares her experience in the ICU diagnosed with coronavirus.

Posted: Apr 6, 2020 9:43 PM
Updated: Apr 7, 2020 8:11 AM

A Hazel Green woman is now recovering from the coronavirus. 

Ash Voisine spent four days in ICU at Lincoln Health System in Fayetteville, Tennessee last week. 

At first she thought it was just allergies. 

"I Kinda started to feel tired, a little fatigued," Voisine said. "Um headaches, so I was like oh man this pollen is really bad."

However, her symptoms quickly escalated within just a few days. 

"It would take me to eat, lets say a sandwich, It would take me like an hour, just because I couldn't breathe," Voisine said. 

Her husband, a paramedic, took her vitals and consulted with a doctor over the phone. 

"The doctor was like yeah, your heart rate is 140, you're going to the emergency room right now," Voisine said. 

Within an hour of getting to the ER, she was in the ICU. 

"It was some nights, very frustrating and scary, cause I can't, you know, you can't see your family," Voisine said."They can't come and see you, so you're basically in this room, but I never felt like my life was in danger."

While she was there, her 11-year-old daughter started showing symptoms. Then her 14-year-old son followed. 

She said they will not be tested, but doctors are assuming they both have it. 

Her daughter is already feeling better, but she is still worried about her son because he has asthma. 

"If we could just get this social distancing down then less lives are going to be at risk," Voisine said. 

While she said coronavirus should not be considered a death-sentence, it should not be treated lightly.

"I think that's the best approach is just to respect and understand that its not just the flu, its not in our DNA," Voisine said. "This is not something that our bodies can naturally fight, but at the same time, we also need to know what our bodies are capable of."

Although she was treated in Tennessee, her case is being counted in Alabama. She said she will visiting a pulmonologist after she is fully recovered to make sure there is not long term lung damage. 

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