Gurley Police Department finds suspects in crime spree

Two suspects are now being held in jail, soon to be charged with theft and burglary.

Posted: Apr 4, 2019 6:14 PM

Two suspects are now behind bars after a crime spree in Gurley.

Police have recovered two handguns, a medical SUV and most of property stolen from eight vehicles last week. WAAY 31 spent the day in the neighborhood where the break-ins happened and learned how people in the area are feeling.

Gurley Volunteer Fire Department Medical SUV; Courtesy of Gurley Police Department

Gurley police said they believe the two suspects started breaking into vehicles on McKinney Drive and made their way up the street to Styles Drive.

Police said the two suspects, a juvenile and 20-year-old Christopher Crowell, are now in custody in Michigan.

"You know, how do you feel now knowing that those people are gone? Unsafe. Very unsafe. Oh you feel unsafe still? Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am," said Mark Daniel, who lives on McKinney Drive.

Daniel lives just two doors down from where the first round of break-ins started. He said he is glad the two men are in custody, but he still fears another incident could happen.

"Because you don't ever know if they're going to shoot or anything like that, you know?" said Daniel.

Sergeant James Martin of the Gurley Police Department said it took them 36 hours to find the two young men and recover $91,000 worth of stolen property.

They followed leads to Nashville, Tennessee and were able to recover most of the stolen property, such as someone's laptop. Then, they followed more leads and found the medical vehicle in Boyne City, Michigan. It had clearly been raided with missing siren lights and radios.

One thing Martin stresses to people is to not leave guns in their cars.

"If that firearm gets into the hands of the wrong person, that just makes the whole situation even worse. That person could do so many bad things with that firearm," said Sergeant Martin.

Sergeant Martin believes the two men were just looking for an opportunity by targeting unlocked vehicles. He doesn't think something like this will happen again.

"This is not a normal occurrence. This was a one-time thing these people did. When they came, here was a crime of opportunity. They were not even tied to this area," said Martin.

"Do you think something like this can happen again? Absolutely," said Mark Daniel, who lives on McKinney Drive.

Gurley police said they are still missing a $20,000 CPR device from the Fire and Rescue vehicle and a few small miscellaneous items from some of the people in the area.

They plan to return the property to the owners soon.

Gurley police said they plan to bring Crowell and the other suspect back to Alabama where they will face multiple theft and burglary charges.

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