Family encourages Governor to remove all members of parole board

Murder victim's sister said she's please Governor Kay Ivey didn't approve the Parole Board's Corrective Action Plan.

Posted: Nov 30, 2018 7:52 PM

WAAY 31 talked to the sister of a man who was murdered back in 2010. Tonia Bass said she's pleased Governor Kay Ivey didn’t approve the Parole Board’s Corrective Action Plan. She thinks it shows the governor is sticking up for her family and many other victim’s families like her own.

"You expect that the justice system works, and then you get into it and you find out it doesn’t," Bass said.

Her older Bryan Hutto was shot and killed back in 2010. His killer was locked up, but the family’s pain remains an open wound. Earlier this year, they learned Hutto’s killer was up for parole after serving about seven years of her life sentence. At the last minute, the board canceled the hearing, but it doesn’t change what Bass thinks of it's members.

“If I had a choice, they should all be impeached immediately, because of their pattern. They’re making up rules, they’re not following the rules. They have cost lives. They are not doing their jobs. Everything is falling through the cracks," she explained.

Bass says the Jimmy Spencer case proves it.

“The blood is on their hands with the Spencer case. Those three people died because of them, just as much as Spencer," she added.

After WAAY 31’s investigation into the Spencer case, Governor Kay Ivey put a temporary ban on early parole hearings for violent offenders and told the board to create a plan to fix its problems.

Thursday, Governor Kay Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall ripped the boards ideas and called them not enough.

“I do not think they should get another thirty days. They had thirty days, and they wrote this song-and-dance. They played their hand and it was a sorry play, and I do not think they deserve a second chance," Bass said.

If they are given a second chance she knows what she wants to see in the plan.

“Follow their own guidelines because we all see that they’re not, and be held accountable for that, and get more of the victims’ families’ input," Bass added.

She said she’s going to continue writing letters to the Governor and hopes she’ll decide to remove the current board members altogether and start over.

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