Decatur, Huntsville double murder suspect appears before judge; preliminary hearing set

Friends of one of the victims say they feel the death was senseless and uncalled for.

Posted: Sep 1, 2021 8:37 PM
Updated: Sep 2, 2021 9:46 AM

A wanted double murder suspect appeared before a district judge on Tuesday.

Ricardo Bass was appointed two attorneys and is now being held without bond at the Morgan County Jail. He was arrested arrested Tuesday after being on the run for nearly two weeks. Officials say he killed two people in Huntsville and Decatur in a matter of hours.

Ricardo Bass after his arrest

Many people in the area were terrified when Bass was on the loose. One woman says she was too scared of sitting on her front porch. She along with others in the community spoke with say they feel a major sense of relief now that Bass is in jail.

"I'm glad they caught him," Robert Shaffer said.

People in Decatur are now at ease after several law enforcement agencies worked together to catch Bass.

"They were relentless in their search," Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson said.

US Marshals notified Huntsville and Decatur Police at around 7:15 p.m. Tuesday that Bass was inside a silver Dodge Ram truck on the highway. Officers were able to set up in the area when Bass noticed them near the County Line Road exit on I-565.

"Pretty much the vehicle stopped real quickly. Bass jumped right out and the vehicle went right on going," Decatur Police Chief Nate Allen said.

Decatur Police Investigator Brandon Sain ran after him jumping over an 8 foot fence with barbed wire and chasing Bass for around 200 yards.

"It was a wooded area. It was muddy, so the fear was that we would lose Bass," Chief Allen said.

Sain told WAAY 31 the only thing on his mind was to catch Bass, and with his weapon drawn, he was able to do take Bass into custody—ending his nearly two week streak on the run and allowing members of the community to feel safe again.

"Don't need someone like that out on the loose, right?" Shaffer said.

The Morgan County Jail says Bass is currently separated from the general population.

Officials could not release information on how they were able to find him.

“The answer to that is very creative police work. We have a lot of technology on our side. It took a lot of leg work, a lot of creative police work and a lot of teamwork," Chief Allen said.

Bass is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on September at 1:30 p.m. That's when we expect to learn more information about the actual investigation.

The case will then be presented in front of a grand jury, where the Morgan County District Attorney says he expects Bass to be indicted.

Because the crimes took place in two separate jurisdictions, two separate trials will take place—one in Madison County and another in Morgan County. District Attorney Anderson says their goal will all be the same to bring justice to the victims.

"I understand that there is nothing that i can say or do to relieve you of your pain, except continue to pray for you. I hope in the end of the day in this case when it's finally resolved that the justice we are able to obtain for you in some way gives you some closure. We'll never alleviate your pain, but we hope to bring you some closure," Anderson said.

Since it is still an active investigation, the Morgan County District Attorney says it could be years before this case actually goes to trial.

WAAY 31's Alex Torres-Perez was able to speak to family and firends of one of the victims, Jeffrey Carden. They say they are relieved the man accused of killing him is now in jail, but they say it does not take the pain away.

"It was the worst day. It just kept coming in waves, and it still does a little bit because of how it happened," Nicole King said.

She along with other of Jeff's friends were shocked to hear of his sudden death.

"I had to go read it, and it still wasn't believable," Christina Ellis said.

Jeff was picking up his co-worker when Huntsville Police say he was shot and killed. His friends feel like his death was uncalled for.

"If he would have had it, he would have given the guy anything," Ellis said. "He was just a really great person, and he will be dearly missed."

They say Jeff was known for his kindness and generosity.

"That kind of unconditional giving that he had. That's what i'm going to carry with me for the rest of my life," King said.

He was described as a loveable nerd who just made you happy.

"He had a spark of life to him and that joy was infectious!" King explained.

Though heartbroken by his death, they know Jeff would want them to move forward.

"Knowing Jeff the way I do, he would find some kind of irrational, illogical reasoning behind this that would make you come around and see that this happened for a reason. He was always looking at the positive no matter what," King said. "I know he would want me to continue on and to continue spreading his legacy of just kindness and loving big and loving irrationally. That's just what he did."

Their thoughts are now with the family.

"For them to have to lose a child this way in such a tragedy, it's surreal," Ellis said. My heart goes out to them. To lose a child and to lose a child this way. It's really hard, so they're in our thoughts. They're in our prayers every day, and we're there for them."

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