Decatur residents speak out about possible masking ordinance

Some people are for it and others are against it.

Posted: Jul 5, 2020 8:13 PM
Updated: Jul 6, 2020 8:42 AM

As coronavirus cases continue to increase in Morgan County, city leaders are looking at making wearing a mask mandatory in public.

That could include a fine for not wearing one.

While the Decatur City Council has yet to make a complete decision on the new ordinance, WAAY 31 spoke with some residents who are split on the issue.

On one hand, there are people in Decatur who say wearing a mask is vital for everyone to keep ahead of the curve of this virus. While on the other, some argue it should be an individual's choice to wear a mask or not.

Both sides are anxiously waiting to see what the city council decides.

"A lot of immune compromised people don't have that option. They have to go to work and they have to deal with the public and right now in Decatur, the people isn't wearing a mask," said Angie Thom.

Thom supports the idea of Decatur enforcing a mask ordinance because she believes it's up to everyone to keep each other safe from the virus. She told us to keep people out of the hospital and healthy, everyone should wear a mask.

But not everyone feels this way.

"If someone has major issues, which I understand, different medical issues, then they should wear a mask or they should take the proper precautions for themselves," said Tracy Murks.

Murks feels as though making it mandatory for her to wear a mask isn't fair. She argues it's not up to an individual to worry about someone else's health problems, but she will social distance when she can.

"I do that to make sure everyone is comfortable around me. If I get too close to someone, with a mask on, I'm actually apologizing for some reason. I'm saying, 'I'm sorry. I apologize,'" she said.

Thom created a petition that now has more than 150 people who support the mask requirement.

"Wearing a mask has nothing to do with politics. It's to do with public health and it's to do with having morality and protecting others," she said.

Thom told us she plans on bringing the petition to the city council meeting Monday night to show city leaders there are people who are behind the ordinance, just as much as there are people who are against it.

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