Decatur mayor talks potential safety plans after Point Mallard Parkway death

Mayor Bowling tells WAAY 31 he's taking action and is looking into both short and long-term safety plans.

Posted: Aug 2, 2019 4:30 PM
Updated: Aug 2, 2019 6:34 PM

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling is putting together a safety plan after two people died in car wrecks in just over a month. Both deadly crashes happened in almost the exact same spot along Point Mallard Parkway, near the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Center. 

"There's just something about this one. I guess I feel like Ms. Teague should be at work today," Mayor Bowling said. 

It's something Mayor Bowling can't get out of his mind. Malloree Teague, 27, died in a deadly car crash on Point Mallard Parkway on Wednesday after hydroplaning into oncoming traffic. 

Mayor Bowling tells WAAY 31 he's taking action and is looking into both short and long-term safety plans.

"A couple areas where barriers can be in place now, hopefully ALDOT might consider that, and then signage," he said.

These are things he says can be happen soon. Temporary barriers could be installed to separate the lanes of oncoming traffic along with warning signs telling drivers to slow down.

He also wants crews to resurface the road, using a different type of pavement that will reduce the chance of hydroplaning. Michele Andrews has driven the road before and says even making one change would be appreciated.

"Anytime you can make an area safer for drivers, I would think that's a great thing," Andrews said. 

Ultimately, Mayor Bowling is focused on permanent safety measures. He suggests installing a concrete median and widening the road, which may take some time since some of the land needed to widen the road is federally owned.

"That we can see some right of way acquisition take place for the areas where the divider cannot go right now, because there isn't enough space to get the barrier in," Mayor Bowling said. 

WAAY 31 is told the Alabama Department of Transportation will meet with Decatur officials next week to discuss potential options. The mayor will present his plans but wants to hear from the experts. Mayor Bowling says the city has a counciling program in place for first responders after working deadly wrecks.

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