Decatur Doctor breaks silence as new details emerge in harassment case

Dr. Michael Dick is charged with two misdemeanor counts of harassment.

Posted: Feb 6, 2018 10:27 PM
Updated: Feb 6, 2018 11:05 PM

New details emerged Tuesday in the case involving a Decatur Doctor who is charged with two counts of misdemeanor harassment by two separate women.

WAAY 31 learned in court documents both women are patients of Doctor Michael Dick.

On Tuesday one of the women talked to WAAY 31 about her experience and for the first time since his arrest Dr. Dick told his side of the story.

Cheree Jordan said it was her third visit to Dr. Dicks office when the alleged harassment occurred.

She went there because she had fallen and hurt her right knee and hip.

She said when Dr. Dick laid her down on the exam table without the nurse in the room, "he pulled down my pants and my panties down below my waist and he preceded to touch me around my bottom and my hips and was asking me if this hurt," said Jordan.

Jordan said the nurse then came in the room to help Dr. Dick with injections into her hip.

When he helped her sit up, "put his hands on my face and got really close to me and kept telling me everything going to be ok and then he kissed me," said Jordan.

In court documents, the other woman accusing Dr. Dick of harassment said he grabbed her breasts to lay her down on the exam table and then put his hand in her pants feeling directly above her vagina.

She claims he also kissed her on the lips.

The attorneys handling that woman's case told WAAY 31, "We've had more than half a dozen people contact our office since the story first broke. We're in the process of gathering information and exploring all potential legal options that may be available. As we stated before, in many cases with allegations like this, more victims com forward after an arrest has been made," said Attorneys Nick Lough & Marcus Helstowski.

Jordan said more people coming forward isn't surprising.

"Because it was so nonchalant the way it was as if it was an every day thing," said Jordan.

In a statement to WAAY Dr. Dick said:

"I never kissed a patient on the lips. I never put my hands on a patients genitals. Never put my hands on a patients breasts. Never been in the room with a female patient without a nurse present."

And since this story broke.

"I've had over 100 patients willing to appear in court and testify to my character," said Dr. Dick.

Jordan said she stands by her accusations.

"I'd take a polygraph in a heartbeat and that's the same thing that I told the detective," said Jordan.

Dr. Dick also told WAAY 31 he's asking the people of Decatur to be patient and allow him his day in court.

Dr. Dick pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Tuesday for the two misdemeanor charges against him

It's important to note that he was was arrested on personal warrants.

Because the charges are misdemeanors the two women had to tell their story in front of a judge.

That judge decided to move forward with the warrants.

If it's found the two women lied in their testimony they will face legal consequences.

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