Customers upset, owner explains after delivery delays

WAAY 31 learned what caused the delays at the wall art decor company and what customers are saying about it.

Posted: Dec 27, 2018 8:51 PM

After many people didn’t get their gifts on Christmas, WAAY 31 is hearing from the owner of the company they ordered them from.

WAAY 31 went by Redline Steel on Thursday where we learned what caused the delays at the wall art decor company and what customers are saying about it.

“I’d like to, first off, apologize for anybody that did not receive their order," said Colin Wayne.

Wayne is the founder and CEO of Redline Steel and says he’s taking full responsibility after customers didn’t receive gifts they’d ordered in time for Christmas.

“I’m upset with myself because we didn’t get this out," he said. "I made a promise to these customers and I wasn’t able to deliver.”

Because of the mistake, Wayne says he expected to get complaints from customers across the country who ordered items online, like one man in Montana.

“If it was on a scale of one to ten, I would grade it like a minus 25," Joe Barker said.

But Wayne says some people took it too far.

“Other bystanders and other competitors are actually attacking myself and my family and threatening my employees," he said. "They posted something with my home address and I’ve got a two-year-old daughter that’s there.”

To answer the question many people are asking, Wayne says the back-up was due to a vital machine going down.

“A lot of it was out of our control," he said.

Wayne says that machine feeds most of the equipment in the company’s facility.

He says he hired more people and worked longer hours to try and combat the issue, but it didn’t work.

Wayne says that's when they decided to email every single person who would not receive their order when they were supposed to, to let them know ahead of time.

“I wanted to have the integrity of letting them know so that they had a weekend to prep for Christmas, versus a lot of other companies just not saying anything at all," he said.

But that wasn’t enough for some customers, like Joe Barker, who ordered three signs as Christmas presents and still hasn't gotten them.

“They over-promise and under-deliver," Barker said. "They have horrible customer service. I shouldn’t even say customer service. It’s non-existent customer service.”

Now, the company is offering those customers a refund and trying to get items out the door as soon as possible.

Barker says if he gets his signs for free, he may change his mind about the company.

“If that comes to fruition, maybe I might have a different look on the company, but right now, they’re just horrible business partners and borderline on absolute fraud," he said.

Wayne says, from here on out, he’s going to work hard to regain his customers’ trust.

“We are going to do everything we can to make it right for everybody that got left out for this Christmas delivery, and, moving forward, this is a massive learning lesson for us at Redline.”

Wayne says they’ve ordered the part they need to get the machine back up and running. He said, by mid-January, they should be back to operating normally.

A similar incident happened around this time last year when one of the company’s most popular products was delivered late due to manufacturing issues. During that time, the Better Business Bureau sent out an alert with numerous complaints about delivery issues. The company currently has a B- rating with 364 complaints filed.

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