Confusion in Madison County over intersection jurisdiction

An intersection in Madison County averages one wreck every six weeks, yet many people don't know who to talk to about getting it fixed.

Posted: Oct 17, 2018 10:54 AM
Updated: Oct 17, 2018 10:06 PM

According to the Madison Police Department, there have been four wrecks at the intersections of Slaughter Road and Castle Drive and Slaughter Road and Roy Drive over the last six months.

"Almost weekly there's some sort of an incident that almost becomes an accident," Carolyn Davison said.

Davison works at a business on the corner of Roy Drive and Slaughter Road. Roy and Castle aren't very far apart.

"People stopped here to make a left on Castle are just; you can't see them until you come over this little hill," Davison said.

By the time cars come over the small hill, it's often too late. Damon Brown learned that the hard way. Three weeks ago, Brown was stopped at the Roy Drive intersection.

"A car coming up the hill couldn't see the cars stopped, and I guess what he tried to do was avoid the car in front of him and tried to make the turn, and when he made the turn he slid right into me," Brown said.

Brown said he's traveled through the intersection for eight years and has seen at least three wrecks similar to his own.

"Roy Drive doesn't have anything to do with it in my opinion, cause I think it's more Castle Lane. That's where the issue's at," Brown said.

WAAY 31 tried to figure out who's in charge of maintaining the intersection of Slaughter Road and Castle Drive. The west side of the Castle Drive intersection belongs to Madison City. The northeast corner belongs to Madison County, and the southeast corner is in Huntsville.

"I think there needs to be some coordination between the two cities," Davison said.

There is a degree of communication, but Davison said it's not enough to make clear to her who needs to hear her request. The Castle Drive and Slaughter Road intersection is maintained by Madison County District Two Commissioner, Steve Harraway. 

"We need a light, a flashing light, something," Davison said.

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