Community comes together to overcome flooded Morgan County neighborhood

A neighborhood on River Loop Road in Morgan County is still using boats to get in and out of their neighborhood.

Posted: Feb 27, 2019 11:13 PM
Updated: Feb 28, 2019 7:20 AM

Some people in Morgan County are still using boats to get out of their flooded neighborhood. They live on River Loop Road right next to the Tennessee River near the Whitesburg bridge. They've experienced similar flooding in the past, but some people told WAAY 31 this time is different.

Gary Ough lives on River Loop Road. He knows it can be dangerous to drive through standing water, but the waters have gone down enough for him to feel comfortable driving through it in a lifted truck. Other people in the neighborhood are still sharing boats to get in and out of their homes, "Everybody pitches in and if you need a ride out you just get in a boat and go out," said Pugh.

The flooding is bringing the community together, "It's a bunch of them that just sticks together and just takes care of each other," said Pugh.

The Morgan County Emergency Management Agency has checked out the damage. They are creating a two pronged report to submit to the state who will pass that along to Federal Emergency Management Agency to see if federal funds will be released.

"The monetary would help the county and cities recover from what they're spending and then the other side is individual assistance, which helps the home owners," said Morgan County EMA Director Eddie Hicks.

Pugh said any federal money could help a lot, "Some people don't have insurance and there are some that does. You know, it's pretty rough, because it just destroys it and there's nothing you can do."

While they wait for possible help, their concern now turns to cleaning up. Not just from water damage, but also from all the trash in the water, "Everybody pitches in most of the time and just clean it up. You know, it's just a mess you have to clean up," said Pugh.

Right now, the river loop road community just want one thing, "No more rain," said Pugh.

Unfortunately, for the people on River Loop Road, there is rain in the forecast over the next few days, but it's nothing compared to what we just went through.

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