Charges reduced for Madison Co. couple in the death of their baby

A preliminary hearing was held on Wednesday for a Madison County couple, Aleisha and Bradley Parker, who were charged in August for the death of their 13-month-old baby.

Posted: Oct 17, 2018 12:26 PM
Updated: Oct 17, 2018 6:52 PM

A preliminary hearing was held on Wednesday for a Madison County couple, Aleisha and Bradley Parker, who were charged in August for the death of their 13-month-old baby.

The judge did not find probable cause as to Bradley Parker's case, so it was dismissed. As for Aleisha Parker, her charge was reduced to manslaughter with a $5,000 bond. Her case will now go to the grand jury.

Investigators say the two parents changed their testimony multiple times when speaking with police about the shooting of the baby. 

According to Jason Payne, an investigator for Madison County, the death was originally reported as accidental shooting. Investigators say they are still unsure of the motive behind the crime but said the parents' stories were not matching up.

Bradley Parker said he was concerned about his wife and that he remembered putting his baby to bed the night before. He said he woke up the next morning to a loud noise and went downstairs. He said Aleisha was performing CPR on the baby and asked him to call 911. 

Aleisha Parker told investigators she tripped coming down stairs causing the gun to go off and that when she looked over, the baby was down. She said she'd heard some noise downstairs and thought she'd heard the front door rattling, so she grabbed the gun. 

Investigators say the distance and trajectory of the shot did not match with what she said happened. They said the wound, evidence, and damage to the baby's play pen, which Aleisha Parker said the baby had fallen asleep in that night, indicated a closer range shooting.

According to investigators, when they confronted her with this information, she changed her story to say that she'd come downstairs and turned on the TV and that Bradley then came down with the gun and was angry. She said he had the gun in his hand and was swinging it near the play pen and that she then heard it go off.

Bradley Parker, on the other hand, told investigators he went downstairs after hearing the noise, said Aleisha was crying and that she said “I hurt our baby boy.” He said he saw the wound on the baby’s face and went out to get the car ready.

Investigators told Bradley Parker the stories weren’t matching up, and he then told investigators that Aleisha had a history of wanting to harm herself. He said he went down, saw her with the gun, tried to take it from her, struggled over the gun and that it went off and hit the baby.

Aleisha Parker then agreed that she was holding the gun, that he tried to take it from her, they struggled and it went off. When investigators asked her about the “tripping down the stairs story,” she said she couldn’t remember if she came up with it or if it was a mutual plan.

"Obviously, we take issue and dispute that final version of you heard it referred to," said Aleisha Parker's attorney, Larry Marsili.

The date for Aleisha Parker's hearing with the grand jury has not been set yet.

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