Bookbags & Bibles: Limestone Co. community prays over school

WAAY 31 spoke with parents and learned why the prayer walk was so important to them.

Posted: Aug 11, 2019 10:43 PM
Updated: Aug 12, 2019 7:33 AM

A Limestone County community came together and used their faith to help kickstart a new school year.

Dozens of people joined hands and prayed over East Limestone School and the safety of the students, educators and employees there.

“School is different than it was when I was a student," Miles Duncan said.

"There are a lot of things going on now that they have to maneuver through more so than I did.”

Miles Duncan is a father of four, with one daughter already attending East Limestone High and three other children who will.

Duncan and his family joined in on a prayer walk at East Limestone on Sunday, saying it’s an important part of a new school year.

“We’re praying for the students here, the faculty, the support staff, everybody involved who makes the school function--including the kids--that they have a safe year, that they have a good year, and that the gospel of Christ will be spread throughout the school.”

This prayer walk comes after East Limestone students’ first week back to school.

Duncan’s family, along with dozens of other community members, walked around the school, praying for more compassion and less bullying.

They also prayed for students who come from broken homes or who may struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders, among other things.

But one of the main focuses—especially after the recent mass shootings—was students’ safety.

“Something like that could very easily happen here," said grandfather Chris Beddingfield.

“With God on our side, nothing’s impossible," Duncan said. "I’m not saying that bad things won’t happen, because there is evil in the world and we can’t control everything, but God is the master of all.”

With heads bowed, folks whispered words of hope and love over the football field, the gym, the lunchroom, and even parking spots.

“I think it’s a super way to get school started," Beddingfield said. "With prayer. With the Lord.”

“If God was more welcomed into our schools, I think that the heart of some of these children could be changed and would be changed. And that’s what we hope we do," Duncan added. "Just letting God know that He’s welcome here.”

Event organizers told WAAY 31 they hope this tradition catches on at other schools.

Athens High School also had a prayer walk on Sunday. Those students start back to school this week.

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