Bob Jones football rebuilding after losing a large graduating class

Another hot day means another day of football practice for the Bob Jones Patriots.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 12:31 PM
Updated: Aug 13, 2019 5:49 PM

The Bob Jones Patriots were out on their practice field this morning and didn’t waste a minute. While one group was out on the field running plays, another was on the sidelines staying hydrated, all to make sure they’re ready for that first game under the lights.

"I feel like we had a good summer, and a good start to fall camp," Head Coach Kevin Rose said. "I feel like we've done a good job and have gotten off to a good start and we've just to keep improving every day."

The Patriots having to rebuild after losing a large graduating class.

"We lost a lot of guys, but we've got a lot a young guys that will come in and help," junior Slate Alford said.

Coach Rose explained they have about five starters on each side of the ball and he feels like it's a good mix of some experienced guys and younger guys.

"We've just got to mesh them together," Coach Rose said.

Junior Slate Alford has been on this team, but this season he's stepping into the quarterback role.

"To be honest with you, earlier this summer, I didn't have plans to play football, but when I got done with baseball and I didn't want to have regrets when I was older," Alford said. "So I figured I would come back out here and do the best I can."

Alford told WAAY 31 his younger teammates have pushed him to be better.

"You know they've helped me a lot," Alford said. "You know then it's like a chain reaction, everyone helping each other."

Alford will be splitting time in the pocket with senior Caden Rose. Rose lacerated his spleen during baseball season, but his dad and coach says he's ready to go for the season, they just want to use Caden in other roles on the field.

"He's 100 percent health wise," Coach Rose said. "I'm not sure he's 100 percent athletically where he was just because he missed eight weeks of training, but he's getting better every day and once it's healed, it's healed."

This football program is getting into this mindset as they inch closer to the season.

"Just play our game really and just do all we can to get better," Alford said.

"To go 1-0, you know, I try to get away from some lengthy expectation 90 days from now," Coach Rose said. "If we just focus on today and focus on this game, I think at the end of the road you'll end up where you're supposed to be."

The Patriots may have a lot of new faces this year, but these athletes are all working to be the best Bob Jones football team they can be.

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