Marco's Pizza locations in Madison, Decatur hit by bizarre phone scam

Marco's Pizza says if anyone fell victim, they haven't come forward.

Posted: Jun 14, 2019 4:37 PM
Updated: Jun 14, 2019 4:52 PM

A bizarre phone scam has popped up in North Alabama, and it will have business owners thinking twice about who they let use their phones.

Two Marco's Pizza locations have been hit. One is in Madison, and the other is in Decatur. WAAY 31 found out what the scammers did and how the restaurants put a stop to it.

On June 8th, someone walked into the store and said they needed to make an emergency call. Once on the phone, they rerouted the store number to a different one. When customers called to place an order, the scammers pretended to be Marco's employees, getting credit card information.

Marco's Pizza confirms the same thing happened the previous day at the store in Madison. Employees noticed their phones weren't ringing, so they called the phone company and alerted police.

J. Hugh Looney, who works next door to the Marco's in Decatur, said he was shocked to hear about the recent scam.

"You have so many people who want to be a thief, and it gives you a bad feeling about doing good things for people," said Looney.

He said it makes him worry that anything can happen at any time.

"It's really scary to know how many people are finding ways to extort, steal. Let's call it what it is, steal money from people, and they don't care who, where or how," he said.

Marco's says if anyone fell victim, they haven't come forward. Their new policy is to not allow anyone to use their phones without a manager present. He or she will then punch in the number.

Looney said it's best to rely on your gut feeling.

"Don't leave yourself open to guess work," he said.

Both Madison and Decatur police departments are looking into what happened at the restaurants. They say to keep yourself safe, you should always verify any information you give to anyone and what you receive from anyone

A Marco's Pizza spokesperson said they alerted all the stores nationwide to let them know of the issue. She said as of Friday, there was no financial loss to customers.

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