Alabama Original: Obsession Custom Calls

Obsession Custom Calls in Maysville gets its turkey call materials from all over the world. It ships its final product worldwide, too.

Posted: Mar 20, 2021 3:48 PM
Updated: Apr 21, 2021 7:27 AM

Turkey season starts Saturday in Alabama!

Every seasoned turkey hunter has their favorite calls to use on a trip.

And you might get yours made locally - right here in North Alabama.

The man behind it all? Derrick Stuckey from Obsession Custom Calls in Maysville.

Box calls, pot calls, strikers...Stuckey makes them all.

"I had a whole collection of pot calls and box calls and strikers that I wasn't satisfied with. So, I thought I would start making my own," said Stuckey.

Obsession Custom Calls cranks out close to 750 pieces each year. And Derrick does it all himself from start to finish! Oh yeah...He has a full-time job, too!

"I spend about five hours a night during the peak season and then on the weekend sometimes twelve hours a day," said Stuckey.

It's definitely busy season for Derrick. Putting together something like a pot call isn't an overnight process.

He travels all over to places like Nashville, North Carolina, even as far as Seattle to hand-pick the wood he'll use for each call. Some of it he'll even import from Africa.

When Stuckey gets in the wood for one of his turkey calls, it can take up to two years until it's ready to go out the door.

It'd be easy to just pick up a few calls from a big box store, but Obsession Custom Calls are all handmade. Derrick considers it art.

"I can't make any more than what I'm already making. By myself. And everything has to be handmade and I'm not willing to switch to everything being machine-made," said Stuckey.

The process may take years. The work may be brutal. But, for Derrick - it's worth it.

"There's nothing better than to get a picture on an april morning of some 12-year-old in kansas that killed their first turkey using your call. That makes it all worthwhile. And I get those pictures constantly. And all call-makers do, not just me," said Stuckey.

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