Alabama Original: Catacomb 435

Catacomb 435 is Huntsville's underground speakeasy - hidden from the public.

Posted: Aug 20, 2021 3:09 PM
Updated: Aug 23, 2021 11:00 AM

How do you get to a place that doesn't want to be found?

"It's part of the entire experience," said bar owner Stephanie Kennedy-Mell.

A custom-made drink by bartender Katie at Catacomb 435.

The bar is a place open for business. But hidden from the eye.

"There is no sign, there is no social media," said Kennedy-Mell of Catacomb 435.

There's only instructions.

"So, it starts with you getting an email," explained Kennedy-Mell. "You'll get an email the same day as your reservation,"

An email that brings you to downtown. Specifically, Jefferson Street. And eventually, to a red box.

Give your password to the video doorbell in the box and get let in.

At this point, it's time to find Catacomb 435 in a place that looks pretty far from a bar. There's a fashion boutique, a storage facility, and some pretty ordinary looking stairs. That is - until you get to the bottom of them into the basement and find the magic behind Catacomb's door.

"This is the next fun part of the experience," said Kennedy-Mell.

Discovering the prohibition bar. Huntsville's underground speakeasy - hidden from the public.

"We wanted to look as if we broke a hole in the wall and just found this bar sitting here and here we are able to have a drink in it," explained Kennedy-Mell about how she started the bar.

The walls are tattered, the seats are worn, the lights are dim - all to give that 20th century, prohibition vibe. When you're at Catacomb, it's as if you're doing something you shouldn't be.

"I love Catacomb. Not only because of its unique atmosphere, which is obvious when you visit, but because of their attention to detail," said regular Catacomb customer Jenny Askins.

There's no food and no drink menu - instead, you choose what ingredients go into your drink. Select one spirit and two flavors. Then - the bartender makes you a drink just for your palette.

"Everybody can go to a regular bar, you can get a craft brew at almost any place you go but you can't get a customized cocktail at most places," said Catacomb regular customer Justin Rosof. "You might order a citrus bourbon once and get two different drinks, two different experiences,"

Each drink is unique. And the whole process of making one is done in-house.

"The juice being hand-squeezed, to the herbs being grown here, to the fruit being dehydrated all the way to those syrups being literally made from scratch. It's super unique and it goes into all of that," said Kennedy-Mell.

And this is what makes the customers who are able to find Catacomb 435...coming back.

Catacomb 435 opened just under a year ago. It's part of the Church Street Restaurant Family.

To make a reservation, get a password, and learn more Catacomb 435 click HERE.

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