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2 animals have died in Limestone County due to the heat

Limestone County Animal Control says they get a lot of heat-related calls this time of year.

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 9:16 PM
Updated: Jul 12, 2019 8:02 AM

Two animals in Limestone County have died due to the heat, and vets say they see heat-related illnesses several times a week.

WAAY 31 spoke with a vet about some extra steps you can take to protect your pets. 

When you feel hot outside, chances are your pets feel the same way or worse. The Athens-Limestone Animal Shelter showed WAAY 31 what they do and gave some advice on how to take care of our four-legged family members when the temperatures are high.

Volunteers at the shelter say they don’t take the dogs out for more than five or ten minutes at a time when it’s this hot. When the animals are outside, they’re in covered areas with lots of shade and even have small plastic swimming pools to cool off.

If you can’t get a swimming pool, they say you can wet dogs' paws and be sure to keep them on cool surfaces, staying away from sidewalks and pavement.

If you do walk your dog, those at the shelter say to do it in the early morning and late afternoon, but don’t force any additional exercise on your pets. 

Also, be sure to give them plenty of clean, fresh water.

If you have a longer-haired dog, you can trim them, but don’t shave them. They could get sunburned.

“They’ll overheat in about five or ten minutes. Even if they’re acclimated to the outside weather, this type right here will cook them. If they’re going to be outside, let it be early in the morning and about after dark, because it’s just so hot,” Dr. Robert Pitman, a veterinarian, said.

Limestone County Animal Control says they get a lot of heat-related calls this time of year. They also want to remind folks not to leave pets in cars during this hot weather.

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