Sheffield City Schools makes changes to cafeteria during pandemic

Plexi-glass partitions will be installed in cafeterias to protect cashiers before students return to class.

Posted: Jul 22, 2020 6:58 AM

Sheffield City Schools assistant superintendent, Carlos Nelson, walked WAAY31 through their cafeteria to show what all will change by the time students start school in staggered stages on August 17th.

Nelson said they are trying to do everything touch-less. That means paying for lunch will be touche-less, students won't make their own trays, there will be staggered lunch times with some students eating in classrooms and others going to the cafeteria.

"We will have a glass partitions that will come up 3 feet and it will come across and protect the cashier and our students will do limited money exchange," said Nelson. "So if they have to give money we will have sanitizer on the stands so they can slid their money. We're hoping a lot of parents will pay online to help us limit the amount of exchange."

Students who want breakfast will come to the cafeteria and take it back to their classrooms for all grades except kindergarten. First grade through sixth grade will eat in their classrooms while the other half of students in those grades will eat in the cafeteria, but the groups will switch out every month.

Then high school students will have staggered lunch times to make sure the cafeteria is never packed out like normal.

"We will have plexi glass all the way down. Our CNP staff will be fixing their trays. Once the trays are fixed they will set the trays on top for the students to grab on top so that away you won't have 2 or three students standing and waiting to get a tray," said Nelson.

Nelson told WAAY31 getting students in and out of the cafeteria quickly and social distancing is key. They also have the ability to bring students their lunches in the classrooms and if schools close they will go back to serving to-go meals for students.

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