Huntsville infectious disease specialist says people need to take coronavirus guidelines seriously

Huntsville Hospital

Huntsville Hospital has enough ICU beds, but could be an issue in the future

Posted: Jun 29, 2020 8:30 PM

As coronavirus cases continue to increase, so does the need for hospital beds for patients with severe symptoms.

WAAY-31 spoke with an infectious disease specialist in Huntsville who said if people don't start following health guidelines, we could see a serious issue with our hospitals.

At Huntsville Hospital, so far, they have enough intensive care unit beds for coronavirus patients... but with the number of positive coronavirus cases increasing every day...if it keeps going this way and they max out, they may have to stop seeing patients.

"We've been working hard to treat patients and take care of them and save lives if we can, but I think the community can do their part and save lives well," said Dr. Ali Hassoun.

Dr. Alii Hassoun is an infectious disease specialist and he told us it's frustrating, as a health care professional, to see people not following the health guidelines like wearing a proper face mask, keeping 6-feet away from others and not gathering in large groups.

He told us right now the hospitals have enough ICU beds to hold coronavirus patients, but if numbers keep surging, the hospitals may have to stop seeing patients to get a hold on it.

"The hospitals will get into what we call diversion. Meaning, the hospital will not accept anymore patients... They'll need to go somewhere else," he said.

He means they'll have to go to another hospital that can take them.

Dr. Hassoun told us they do have a contingency plan in place and are nowhere near this happening...

But he hopes to see change from everyone on taking this seriously soon, because what's happening is just the beginning.

"It's really getting to be where we've never seen it before in March or April... This is the time where we're probably going to see the significant surge or the peak they talked about," he said.

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