Huntsville infectious disease specialist advises on ways to keep safe from coronavirus

Dr. Igrid Roig says everyone needs to stay vigilant

Posted: Dec 23, 2020 9:54 PM

We are learning if you do get the coronavirus vaccine and have an allergic reaction, doctors say you shouldn't get the second dose.

Dr. Ingrid Roig is an infectious disease specialist who assists in hospitals across North Alabama.

She says only 1% of the American population is actually allergic to vaccines.

She also says you won't know if you're allergic to either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines until you get the shot.

"If you get an anaphylactic reaction to the first one, you're not going to get the second one, but if you have a mild reaction, you'll probably proceed with the second dose with no problem," she said.

If you are one of those people who cannot get the vaccines due to allergies, Roig says you must continue to wear your mask and social distance.

In order to get full immunity in our areas, we need 70% of our population to get vaccinated.

As the vaccine distribution is underway, we're still seeing big issues inside our hospitals with staff and the number of people getting sick.

At Huntsville Hospital alone, Roig says there's 4 entire floors of just coronavirus and ICU patients.

At Decatur-Morgan Hospital, they had to open up an entire new facility to help with the overflow of patients, and it's still not enough.

That's on top of trying to hire more nurses.

Roig says because coronavirus is so widespread at this point, more staff is getting sick too.

At this point, she and other doctors are calling hospitals war zones.

"It's like you get one wounded out and you get another wounded in and it's never ending," she said.

Roig says now having the vaccines is the light at the end of the tunnel.. But a small one.

She says we may not see full immunity until the summer and we still need to be vigilant in health practices even now.

With Christmas holidays here, health care and local leaders in Madison County are begging you to not gather in large groups.

Doctors say almost every hospital in North Alabama is filled to capacity with COVID patients.

"This is just going to keep getting worse. It's just one holiday, we need start thinking that if we want to be here next Christmas or do we want our parents to be here next Christmas. Everything has to be based on risk and benefit," said Dr. Roig.

She says we need to start thinking that no one safe right now, because even if you're not showing symptoms, you could spread it to your entire family.

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