Guntersville man shares experience participating in Pfizer coronavirus vaccine trial

He believes he was one of the people in the trial who received a vaccine and not the placebo.

Posted: Nov 25, 2020 6:03 PM
Updated: Nov 25, 2020 6:38 PM

When a coronavirus vaccine becomes available, a Guntersville man will be among those we'll be thankful for.

"I have several family members including my mom who have underlying conditions and they have expressed wanting to have a vaccine sooner rather than later because they are in danger and so I thought well somebody's got to do this, somebody has to sign up and volunteer. So I'm in pretty good health so I figured why not me because if we sit back and say let someone else do it, then we would never get a vaccine," said Carson Clark.

Carson Clark says he heard about the Pfizer vaccine trial from a friend from high school who participated in it.

Clark says he thought about it and in September, he was chosen to participate in it.

"They gave me an injection in my upper arm here and they next day I got some fatigue a little bit of a headache, which lead me to believe I may have gotten the real thing. Then three weeks later I went back and they drew some blood...and then they gave me a second injection on my arm and the next day the same thing I got a little fatigue and headache, and then that was it," said Clark.

Clark says he believes he was one of the people in the trial who received a vaccine and not the placebo.

"They don't tell you if you are getting the real vaccine or the placebo, so I decided to go and get antibody tested on my own and a couple of days later it did come back that I do now have the COVID antibodies so that's another reason why I think that I probably got the real vaccine and not the placebo," he said.

After going though the trial, Clark says he would recommend it to people who are interested in getting the vaccine.

"My experience is that I had minor symptoms, you know a little fatigue and headache and I think that's worth not getting full blown COVID so if you're on the fence, in my opinion would be go ahead and do it," said Clark.

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