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North Alabama groups collecting donations for Waverly, TN, flooding victims

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North Alabama groups collecting donations for Waverly, TN, flooding victims

Decatur Church of Christs holds donation drop offs for flooding in Waverly

Many people lost everything from this weekend's flooding in Waverly, TN. 

WAAY 31 traveled to the flood-devastated city on Sunday and saw the immense damage and the need for help. 

The Decatur Church of Christ dropped off its first round of food, clothing, and cleaning supplies on Sunday, but officials in Waverly, TN are asking all outside agencies to hold off on sending people to town until they've finished searching for those missing. 

That gives organizations like the Decatur Church of Christ and radio station WZYP time to collect donations. When they're given the green light, they're both heading up to Waverly to drop off the donations.

Decatur Church of Christ will stay there to help clear out all the debris, provide food to people in need, and help however they're needed and for however long they're needed. 

“Anytime a storm hits, they just don’t know what to do," said Will Harrub a member of Decatur Church of Christ. "In many cases, like especially with the flooding, their home’s gone, they don’t know where to turn, so again, in the physical relief we want to provide is just say, ‘Hey, you’ve got something to fall back on, you’re not there alone, you don’t have to fight your way through this by yourself, we’ve got support for you.’ Again, we believe that ought to take place both physically and spiritually.”

They're accepting monetary donations, as well as any non-perishable food items, clothing, and household needs. 

WZYP's Program Director, Steve Smith, saw the devastation on Saturday. So, no donation is too small.

“Just to see the damage in person is unimaginable: homes moved off their foundations, people walking around trying to find their items," said Smith. "Just in the streets, you’ll find a shoe or a laptop, cellphone, just stuff that was in people’s homes is now all over the town. So, they’ve lost everything and are trying to get it back, this is a little thing we can do to help.”

One of WZYP's first donors told WAAY 31 that times like this take him back to the 2011 tornadoes when so many people came to help. Bobby Barnett said it's only right that people do the same.

“They don’t have anything," he said. "They’ve lost their homes, their cars, there’s no flood insurance, so every little bit helps. So, if it’s a diaper, if it’s 50 cents, if it’s a dollar, if it’s a coloring book, you know, something to just lift people’s spirits, you know, it’s just a big help. You don’t know how tremendous of an impact you can have on someone’s life by doing that.”

WZYP will hold two more drop-off locations on Tuesday. Below are the times and locations.

  • Walmart on Madison Blvd from 9 am-1 pm.
  • Walmart on South Memorial Pkw and Hobbs Rd from 2-6 pm.

Decatur Church of Christ has donation drop-off locations at:

  • Decatur Church of Christ
  • Priceville Church of Christ
  • Hartselle Church of Christ
  • Church of Christ at Noah
  • Flint Church of Christ
  • Spring Hill Church of Christ

As of Monday, Waverly has no running water, making water bottles a crucial necessity. Locals in the area said they're also in need of the items below:


Baby supplies - diapers, wipes, formula, bottles/caps, food

Bottled Water

Non-perishable food items

Disposable plates and plastic utensils

Cleaning supplies

Hygiene products

Hand sanitizer

Pre-packaged snacks

Trash bags

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper




Pet food

Shampoo & Soap



Dishwashing gloves

Scrub brush


Slide on shoes

Laundry detergent


Phone charges (for cars)

Stuffed animals / Toys

Underwear in original packages

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