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Murdered Crossville police officer’s daughter finds support in push for justice from strangers

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Stacey Cagle was 4-years-old when her dad, Crossville Police Officer Stacie Thompson, was murdered by Danny Roland Tucker on September 13, 1986.

Tucker was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.

Thompson’s daughter talking only with WAAY 31 about what her family and their supporters around the country are doing to try to keep her dad’s killer in a jail cell.

Tucker has already been up for parole consideration three times, all denied so far. He has another hearing coming next year. And the murdered officer's family and their supporters are already mobilizing to keep his killer locked up.

“Even though it has been 35 years, it is still very hard, something we think about every day,” Cagle said Tuesday. “It tore our family apart, I was very much a daddy’s girl, so for him to be stripped away from us like that was very hard.”

Over the years, the family left behind focused on one thing: Keeping Tucker in jail for life.

They have an army of supporters behind them, complete strangers connected by the thin blue line.

“They send letters to every parole hearing board requesting that he never is given parole and they don’t know what that does for our family, how great that feels,” Cagle says.

The Officer Down Memorial page is a nonprofit helping the family keep Thompson's case from being forgotten. For Cagle, it is welcomed help, but something she still doesn’t understand why they even need.

“With this kind of crime, he committed that he even has the possibility of parole, I can’t understand why he’s in a minimum security with the crime he committed it just I can’t make sense of that.”

With another parole hearing set for next year, the family’s mission for justice continues. 35 years later.

“We will be there and plan to go and protest every time we have to.”

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