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Madison County health leader explains importance of additional Covid-19 vaccine shots

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Madison County health leader explains importance of additional Covid-19 vaccine shots

Madison County health leaders hold COVID-19 briefing on 10/6/21

Local health leaders said the third shot and booster doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will play a crucial role in ending the pandemic. 

Crestwood Medical Center CEO Pam Hudson said there are two important factors for the additional shots. First, the booster shot will help protect those eligible for it from another potential coronavirus surge. Second, the third shot will help immunocompromised people reach the level of immunity that others may have after their second dose.

"It is about the recipient, not the vaccine," said Hudson. "That is, I would consider that to be part of the initial series, if you will, so the urgency and the necessity of the third dose is probably greater than the booster at this moment in time.”

She said the additional shots do not mean the vaccine is ineffective. Hudson said it's just further protecting more vulnerable populations.

Hudson said the Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines are all proving to work against the new variants. 

She said getting fully vaccinated is important to prevent future variants from evolving and to prevent another shutdown.

“The vaccine seems to be protective against significant illness and death as well in some of these new variants, and that is the gamble, that we can help prepare for the next surge so that it does not debilitate our economy, it doesn’t debilitate our ability to meet and be with family and friends and go about our normal business," said Hudson.

Hudson said there is still so much unknown about the virus, but getting vaccinated proves to prevent serious illness and long-haul effects.

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