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Lumber prices affecting non-profit organizations home builds

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Lumber prices affecting non-profit organizations home builds

Exorbitant lumber prices may be impacting more than prices for new home construction and do it yourself projects around your house.

They’re also impacting a charity that helps put families in new homes.

WAAY-31 spoke with Habitat for Humanity leaders in Decatur about the pinch of high lumber prices.

The high price for lumber has not stopped new houses from going up, but it is slowing the process for getting those houses built.

"It's been almost two years and to get to the finish line, like we did this, when we can see that thing and touch it... It's going to be amazing," said Keunna Swopes.

Keunna Swopes is getting her first home built with Habitat for Humanity and she told us she can't wait to see the final result.

But, COVID has been causing an issue with the price of lumber for a home to be built.

"Prices went up 30% and that lumber package. Then there's supply chain issues. Like we waited 4 months for a kitchen window," said Landis Griffin.

Landis Griffin is the Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity.

She told WAAY-31 it's been such a struggle, that she even had to stop telling people estimated times of when things can get done.

She said everything is still up and down, but they are working hard and with patience.

"We are going to build. It just may not be in our planning our or timing, but we will get it done. It just may take a little bit longer," she said.

For Swopes, this moment is going to be even more bittersweet, because it all comes as a surprise to her 4 children.

"We get the whole house built, they come to the dedication and it's like surprise, you know, you have your own house, so we're ecstatic," she said.

Griffin told us they will work through this just like they did last year, and they plan to build 4 more homes next year.

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