A typical Summer afternoon here in north Alabama with the scattered rain and thunderstorms - check out Decatur getting almost 2" with some of the passing storms while nearby Moulton barely getting enough to register as of 4 PM this afternoon. 


StormForce 31 VIPIR shows scattered showers and thunderstorms persisting in the vicinity of the I-65 corridor as of 445 PM but there remains some heavier activity near Lawrenceburg, Tennessee as well. All of this is moving slowly towards the north and is capable of producing very heavy rainfall and lightning and perhaps some small hail or gusty winds. This activity could continue in scattered nature throughout the night as we remain in a very moist airmass. 


I'm expecting a similar situation tomorrow as weak high pressure remains off to our east and an upper-level low continues pinwheeling around the eastern Red River Valley. Southerly to southeasterly flow between these features will combine with the enhanced lift from the upper low and produce a greater-than-normal coverage of showers and storms. Still, not everyone will see rain, but the heavier storms could put down very heavy downpours, lightning, and perhaps some small hail or gusty winds. 


The upper-level low pressure is forecast to actually retrograde/weaken moving towards the weekend. A backdoor cold front across the lower Ohio Valley will press slowly southward Friday into Saturday and may become the new focus for shower and thunderstorm development. Friday into Saturday won't be a complete washout, but there is about a 50/50 shot at your backyard seeing a downpour or two. 

It appears an upper-level ridge of high pressure may temporarily build back into the Southeast for the first part of next week. While this won't completely eliminate rain chances, it could limit them relative to what we are seeing today. High temperatures will also likely increase towards the lower 90s by the start of next week, so while it will be noticeably warmer, it won't be any significant heat. 

Isaac Williams

WAAY-TV Meteorologist

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