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Saturday 08/01/2015
Pleasant weather to continue into next week


DRY AIR HANGS AROUND:  This weekend will remain very pleasant as dry air stays in the Tennessee Valley as we head into a new work week.  This dry air does two things:

1.  Helps our lows to drop into the 60's

2.  Afternoon highs don't feel nearly as hot.

With high pressure and dry air in place our rain chances will remain at zero as we head into Monday.  There will also be minimal cloud cover, making for some near perfect weather for outdoor activities.  Towards mid week, our highs will go from mid 90's to upper 90's.


MUGGY WEATHER WILL RETURN:  Starting around Tuesday, we'll see the dew points begin to rise, and the temperatures get hotter.  Overall this will make it feel like its over 100 degrees during the afternoon hours.  Most of the last half of the work week will see heat indices in the upper 90's and lower 100's.


RAIN CHANCES:  The computer models are trying to bring in a little disturbance Tuesday that could bring very minor rain chances.  Right now, the chances are so low, I'm omitting them from the seven day, but we'll continue to watch as we start the new work week.  Our best chance at rain will come late in the work week, and next weekend.  This is also expected to bring in cooler temps with it as well.

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Friday 07/31/2015
Recap of July and a Nice Looking Weekend

JULY 2015: The month is over and we are coming in at number 4 for hottest July on record for Huntsville International Airport. The North West Alabama Regional Airport didn't even come close to the top 10.


WEATHER SUMMARY: High pressure and dry air will linger through the weekend. We will see daily highs in the low 90s and see plenty of sky conditions just like this.


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Perfect weather to close out Summer

THE DRY AIR HAS ARRIVED:  Most of the summer has seen hot and humid conditions, but that wont be the case this weekend.  Starting Friday we'll see temps in the lower 90's with dew points in the lower 60's.  This will greatly take the edge off of the temperatures and make it feel more comfortable outside.  The dry air will hang around through the weekend, although, temperatures will climb into the mid 90's. 


LITTLE TO NO RAIN:  In addition to having dry air in place, we won't have to worry too much about rain chances.  For kids that go back to school next week, this means that you'll have a near perfect final weekend of summer.  Anything you want to do outdoors, this is the weekend to do.  Best chance of rain comes next Thursday with 20 percent chance of an isolated shower.

HOTTER WEATHER NEXT WEEK:  Temps are expected to climb back into the upper 90's next around mid week.  For the most part, we wont have as oppressive heat indices as we've seen the rest of this July.  Temps will drop again late next week as our rain chance increases.

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Thursday 07/30/2015
Birds Caught on Radar Early This Morning

A viewer sent me a message on Facebook asking what was this large circle on radar that has been in the same exact location the last two days. Just coming and going in a little over an hour.

The answer for this was birds. If you were awake between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. you probably saw a large flock of birds flying about the sky. This was located in southeastern Limestone County and originated from some farmland. Which is a perfect place for birds to eat and sleep.

Even looking at the velocity data you can see the speed and direction of how fast they are flying in the different directions.

You can see a lot of different things on radar: bugs, birds, bats, insects, butterfly migrations, traffic, chaff and smoke plumes just to name a few.

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Hot is the new "cool"

COOLER, DRIER WEEKEND:  After a cold front works through the valley, we will be set up perfectly for the weekend.  Our highs will top off in the lower 90's, but with lower dew points it'll will feel so much more comfortable outside.  We'll have plenty of sunshine making this weekend perfect for just about anything outdoors. Rain chance will remain minimal through the weekend.  Although temps will still feel much cooler this weekend, they will remain above average.


HEAT RETURNS NEXT WEEK:  Those muggy temps aren't done with us just yet, we'll have highs returning to the upper 90's next.  A few models are hinting at possible triple digit heat by Tuesday, although that seems unlikely right now.  We'll have heat indices in the 105-110 range through at least Wednesday next week, and likely into next Thursday as well.


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Wednesday 07/29/2015
A Cold Front Thursday With Little Rain Expected

HEATED HISTORY: On this date back in 1930 we recorded the highest temperature at the Huntsville International Airport.


THURSDAY: A cold front will move through the Valley. Most of the area will be dry with the small chance of some isolated showers or Sand Mountain. Highs will still make it into the low 90s.


FRIDAY AND BEYOND: High pressure comes back to the southeast. Initially this system will bring drier and slightly cooler weather. Overnight lows will be comfy going into the mid to upper 60s. The weekend will have complete sunshine with highs in the mid to upper 90s. Even with the heat in place it won't feel all that bad with the dew points staying in the mid to upper 60s. Temperatures will continue to be in the mid to upper 90s but we will see dry conditions for the first full week of August.

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Steamy weather will come to an end by weekend



A cold front is ready to shake, rattle, and roll into the Tennessee Valley come this afternoon and evening. Gusty winds will be the primary concern in excess of 30 to 40 mph possibly making a few of these thunderstorms on the stronger side. Overall a 1/2 of an inch of rain could accumulate today.


We look to stay quiet tonight as a northwesterly flow of wind behind this cold front will slowly start to break the humidity and drop our temperatures into the mid 90's. The key phrase is "break in humidity" as we will not have to worry about the heat index heading into Friday and Saturday. In fact, overnight lows will dip into the mid to upper 60's come Friday and Saturday night, perfect weather to get an early morning hike in or walk the dogs!

Temperatures and humidity creep back up come Monday as higher pressure will move in to turn our winds back in from the South to pump in warm, muggy air into the Tennessee Valley for the beginning of the workweek.


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Tuesday 07/28/2015
Drier Air Will Arrive Before the Weekend

HEAT ADVISORY: The heat advisory is valid for most of the viewing area. Even if you are not in the advisory you should still adhere to the heat safety rules during this time. The heat advisory will be lasting until 7 p.m. Wednesday. Heat index values could still make it between 105-110 at times.


WEATHER SUMMARY: We will continue to be hot and muggy through Thursday. After the cold front arrives Thursday we will see drier and slightly cooler temperatures as we go into the weekend.

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Monday 07/27/2015
Hot and Muggy but Relief is in Sight!

WEATHER SUMMARY: We will continue to be in an unstable air mass that will allow for isolated to scattered showers and storms through Thursday. Now this may change with the speed of the cold front. We won't be seeing upper 90s by the end of the week but before that front arrives that's a different story. We will most likely see a heat advisory issued for at least parts of the Valley Tuesday if not for everyone. That will be that National Weather Service's call. But with expected heat index values around 105 Tuesday and Wednesday I would think that we will have one issued.

12After the front we will see "cooler" weather. By cooler I mean lower 90s for Friday but it will feel a lot better with dew points in the low to mid 60s compared to the low to mid 70s like we have seen this past weekend.

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Upper 90's will come to an end this week

The heat is on for the beginning of the workweek as higher pressure moving towards the Carolinas as southerly winds will continue to send in hot and steamy air into the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures will stay into the upper 90's until Wednesday, where the heat index will make it feel like it's into the triple digits. 


By Wednesday afternoon, a cold front will be sliding in from the North Central Plains to give us scattered showers and a dip in temperatures for the end of the workweek. A northwesterly flow of winds will move in come Thursday to drop temperatures a bit along with making it feel more comfortable outside as the humidity levels will lower. 


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