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Monday 12/22/2014
Wet weather makes holiday traveling harder

WET WEATHER THIS WEEK:  We are going to see quite a lot of rainfall to start off this holiday week.  Beginning tonight, we will see scattered showers, even isolated rumbles of thunder with temperatures remaining mild in the lower to mid 50’s.   A warm front moving through will give us a little instability to support some thunderstorms, but nothing severe is expected.  We will however see showers throughout the day on Tuesday and continue into Christmas Eve.  We can expect to see locally heavy rain at times, with rain totals ranging from 1 to 3 inches.  Wednesday Morning will be mild to start things off, temps in the 50’s, but the cold front will move through and temperatures will drop throughout the day getting into the mid 40’s by the afternoon hours. 


CHRISTMAS AND BEYOND:  Christmas day will be nice with ample sunshine, and temps will be in the upper 40’s for our highs.  Temps will climb back into the 50’s by Friday before dropping again as another cold front comes through.  We aren’t expecting as much rain with this second cold front, but a few isolated showers are possible.  It will knock our temps back down into the upper 40’s this weekend.

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Rain, Stormy Forecast Before Christmas

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Our next storm system over Missouri will send in a wave of energy in the Tennessee Valley at noon Monday, bringing in a few pesky showers. As Southerly winds increase over the Valley, instability will begin to develop where isolated thunderstorms look to form by this evening lasting all the day until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Gusty winds, small hail, and frequent lightning will be the main threats. A lull period will move in Tuesday morning until the brunt of the system will begin to pass over the Valley by the afternoon time Tuesday, upping instability levels yet again and giving us a round of scattered showers and thunderstorm to deal with yet again. Winds will be stronger and we may see large hail associated with these storms on Tuesday.

CHRISTMAS EVE: Shower activity will die down Wednesday, just allowing for a few stray rain showers to move in over the Tennessee Valley. In total from this system since Monday, rain accumulations could reach to 2 to 3 inches by Wednesday afternoon.

CHRISTMAS DAY: We have a slight chance of flurries in Northeast Alabama as winds will begin to drive in from the Northwest Thursday morning, also dipping temperatures down into the mid 40's with gradual clearing.

FRIDAY: Another warm up comes our way Friday as southerly winds will move back into the Tennessee Valley with plenty of sunshine as highs will rebound back into the mid 50s. 

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Friday 12/19/2014
A Dry Weekend But Some Rain And Flurries Next Week

TONIGHT THRU SATURDAY: Not much rain will pass through the Valley. The bulk of the rain will stay further south but we will see widely scattered light showers. Some sprinkles will be possible very early Saturday morning east of Huntsville. It will be fairly dry for everyone Saturday even with some afternoon sunshine but don't expect a lot of sun.


SUNDAY: Sunday looks to be a nice day with partly sunny skies. Highs will be in the low to mid 50s with a small area of high pressure around. Winter officially begins!


TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: A cold front will get close to the Valley and bring some wind and rain. Temperatures will be too warm for anything else at this point. The front will pass Tuesday night and this is when we could see a changeover from rain to some snowflakes. The snow wouldn't last long at all let alone have any accumulations. The upper level energy takes over Wednesday and we could see some flurries as a result. Best chances are along the Cumberland Plateau with some upslope.


CHRISTMAS: Temperatures will rebound nicely! Highs will be in the low to mid 50s with generally sunny skies!


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Drier Looking Weekend Ahead

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: We'll continue to see drier conditions for the majority of the day Friday.  Friday evening, our second storm system will move in from the South, dumping rain showers and possible sleet mixed in from Friday night until Saturday morning. Possibly .5 to .75 inches of rain will accumulate.

SUNDAY & MONDAY: We'll see a few more breaks in the clouds to allow for some sunshine to be upon us come Sunday and Monday as higher pressure once again will settle over the Tennessee Valley. Highs will push into the mid 50's thanks to southerly winds moving back into the Valley.

TUESDAY & CHRISTMAS EVE: Our third system will move in, bringing in a change of rain into light flurries during Tuesday Night. No accumulation is expected, just enough to add to the Christmas Spirit!

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Thursday 12/18/2014
Some Showers This Weekend & Christmas Eve Snow

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: It looks like there has been a good shift in model agreement placing the low well into the Gulf of Mexico. What does that mean for us? means far less rain. Only a few showers will graze past the Valley Friday evening thru Saturday midday. Great news if you are going on shopping and don't want much if any rain to impact you.


SUNDAY & MONDAY: A small area of high pressure will move in but it won't give us complete sunshine. But certainly the most sunshine we have seen in a while.

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: We will see a cold front move through Tuesday night. Before that happens we will get some rain and some wind our of the system. After the front still remains some questions. First one is, "Will there be enough moisture for snow?".  So far that answer is yes. If not when the front passes to see some change over from rain to snow but also on Christmas Eve. There will be strong enough forcing in the mid and upper levels to get some flurries post front. Best chances for that will be along the Cumberland Plateau with upslope forcing. The Huntsville metro area has a chance for snow both post front and on Wednesday. Nothing remotely close to major is expected nor will it impact your travel plans unless your heading through the Allegheny and Cumberland Mountains. That will be a little more difficult to drive through. 1231234

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Roller Coaster of Storm Systems For Next 7 Days

THURSDAY: A cold shallow layer of air is sitting just above the surface, causing sleet to fall across the Tennessee Valley this morning. Temperatures throughout the late morning hours should stop sleet from forming and lead to just rain showers moving through the Tennessee Valley until noon. We'll clear our for this afternoon with even a few peeks of sunshine to help warm us up into the mid 40's.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: We'll continue to see drier conditions for the majority of the day Friday.  Friday night, our second storm system will move in from the South, dumping heavy rain from Friday night until Saturday afternoon. Possibly 1 to 1.5 inches of rain will accumulate.

SUNDAY & MONDAY: Finally a full day of sunshine will be upon us come Sunday and Monday as higher pressure once again will settle over the Tennessee Valley. Highs will push into the mid 50's thanks to southerly winds moving back into the Valley.

TUESDAY & CHRISTMAS EVE: Our third system will move in, bringing in a change of rain into light flurries during Tuesday Night. No accumulation is expected, just enough to add to the Christmas Spirit!

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Wednesday 12/17/2014
Rain Chances & Some Snowflakes For Christmas Eve?

TONIGHT: As the upper level disturbance gets closer we could see a few light showers around the Shoals.

THURSDAY: The showers will be possible thru midday but don't expect much rain.

FRIDAY &  SATURDAY: The next round of rain will move in late Friday afternoon but the bulk of the rain will fall Friday night/early Saturday morning. If you have to do any last minute shopping you may want to wait until Sunday if you want to be rain free. 12

CHRISTMAS EVE: There will be a powerful system moving across the Great Lakes. It will provide strong winds and plenty of snow. As for us...the strong cold front will easily make it to the Valley. There will be plenty of moisture along it but that would be all liquid. With the rush of cold air behind the front any moisture that lingers would fall as snow. Not much snow would be at all just flurries.


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Rain Chances Increase As We Head Towards Weekend
WEDNESDAY: Another cloudy day is in store for us here across the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures will only reach into the upper 40's to lower 50's at best. Average highs for this time of year is usually at 53 degrees.
THURSDAY & FRIDAY: A few isolated rain showers will move in for Thursday morning and Friday evening, leaving us with plenty of dry time on both days. Winds will start to move in from the Southwest, trying to boost temperatures back up into the mid 50's. No more than a tenth to two tents of an inch of rain will accumulate.
SATURDAY: Look for scattered showers to develop early Saturday morning until dinner time Saturday evening. Possibly 1 to 1.5 inches of rain could accumulate. Winds will be breezy, causing the wind chill to feel like it's into the lower 40's when overall high temperatures will only reach into the mid 40's throughout the day. This system will then begin to move to the Northeast, changing into snow over Eastern Tennessee and Western Virginia.
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Tuesday 12/16/2014
Feeling More Like Early Winter

TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: After a strong cold front passed through our area last night, a flow of Northwesterly winds will continue to drop our temperatures today. We'll drop from the lower 50's this morning into the upper 40's by this afternoon with low lying clouds and breezy conditions. Once the temperatures drops below 50, the wind chill could make it feel like it's into the lower 40's.

THURSDAY & FRIDAY: Our next disturbance from the Southwest will begin to funnel in isolated rain showers during the day. Temperatures will slowly climb back into the lower 50's with overcast conditions. Not a huge warm up, but it will feel a little bit better compared to the middle of the workweek.

SATURDAY: Lower pressure will move South of the Tennessee Valley, causing a Northeasterly wind to cool down temperatures. Timing on precipitation is still unsettled and drop in temperatures is still uncertain. If you are travelling on Saturday:

HEADING NORTHEAST: Expect a change of rain into snow early, especially on I-81 heading into Tennessee with breezy conditions

HEADING SOUTH: Heavy rain showers

HEADING WEST: Mostly cloudy skies with breezy conditions

HEADING EAST: Isolated rain showers with breezy conditions

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Monday 12/15/2014
Showers Tonight But More Rain Late Week

THIS EVENING/TONIGHT: A cold front will enter the Valley tonight and move thru by Tuesday morning. Until it passes we will see a slight chance for some showers.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT/THURSDAY MORNING: An upper level disturbance could bring in some light showers during this time. The only thing that could change this to any frozen precipitation is the thermal profiles for Franklin (TN) and Jackson Counties. Depending on how much cooling we can see in the lower levels we may see freezing drizzle. Odds are that won't happen but something to keep an eye on. 1234

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: This is when we will see our next substantial chance for rain. An area of low pressure will go right over the Valley. This will cause some moderate to heavy rain mainly Friday evening thru Saturday morning. Some isolated showers may be left over Saturday late morning/early afternoon.


TEMPERATURES: Because of all the cloud cover and systems moving through the Valley we won't see that much warmth for the next several days.


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Korean Veteran gets his Purple Heart

All too often military men and women live their lives without the recognition or honor that they deserve; that was not the case at the Space and Missile Defense Command Monday. Dozens of soldiers, officers, and Army civilians all turned out for a special event that the honoree knew nothing about.

Thousands of dollars awarded to cut energy costs for schools, hospitals

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State requires tax payment on certain online purchases

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