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Friday 02/27/2015
March Brings Warmer Weather!

FRIDAY: A northeasterly wind throughout the day today will break up the clouds and allow for some sunshine in the forecast for this afternoon. Temperatures will reach into the upper 30's to lower 40's. That's still 15 degrees below average for this time of year.


THE WEEKEND: As winds begin to turn in from the South, temperatures be in the incline from the mid 40's to the mid 50's by Sunday! In addition, moisture content will increase to give us cloud cover and some stray showers late Sunday evening into the overnight hours. 

STORMY WORKWEEK: We'll have two disturbances from the Southwest that will bring in a round of scattered showers and thunderstorms Monday and Wednesday, and possible isolated showers Tuesday thanks to a southerly wind continuing to fuel in warmer air to increase instability levels. Right now, we're just looking at non-severe thunderstorms, but it's just a sign that spring is right around the corner.

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Thursday 02/26/2015
From Snowstorm To 70s

RECORD SNOW EVENT: This past winter storm is over and officially in the record books. Here are some graphics to show how we now rank for: Snow totals in a 24 hour period and for a single event (which can last more than one day). We had 8.1 inches of snow on the 25th and 0.1" fall the 26th. So our event total is 8.2". 23412312

BECOMING WARMER & STORMY:  Between now and next Wednesday we will have a dramatic warm-up. Temperatures will be going from the 30s to 70s in five days. Our chances for rain will be increasing starting Sunday evening. The best chances for rain will be Monday and Wednesday. But we should be seeing some non-severe storms Wednesday.


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Cold Weather Persists Until Weekend

THURSDAY & FRIDAY: Heavy snow showers have ended as our coastal low has now swept up towards the Carolinas. What were left with is a strong flow of Northwesterly winds that will create patchy freezing fog, light flurries, and temperatures barely making it above the freezing mark throughout the day.


Not the best day after a day of record breaking snow for the month of February.


 I do expect to see some melting of the snow throughout the afternoon hours, but as we continue to see Northwesterly winds moving in across the Valley, during the overnight hours we will drop into the lower 20's that will allow refreezing of the melting snow to create icy conditions.


Please be careful heading to work Friday morning. We'll continue to stay cold on Friday with temperatures barely making it above the freezing mark yet again with mostly cloudy skies. 

HEADING INTO MARCH: Southerly winds will return to the Valley as multiple disturbances will move in from the Southwest throughout the first week of March. This will allow temperatures to warm up from the mid 50's on Sunday to the 70's come Tuesday but it will be associated with scattered showers, a couple rumbles of thunder, and breezy conditions. Even though it won't be the best weather to be outside in, at least we're above the freezing mark and don't have a chance of seeing snow!

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Tuesday 02/24/2015
A Snowstorm Is Expected To Hit The Valley Wednesday



WEDNESDAY: A coastal low is looking to bring in a good amount of moisture to the Tennessee Valley. So far, we're looking at ample strength in the upper levels and a strong Northerly flow of cold air to see snow accumulations occur for the Tennessee Valley Wednesday afternoon into the nighttime hours. This coastal low is looking to bring in the heaviest batch of snow South of the Tennessee River where possible 3-5" of snow is expected. Huntsville can look more towards 3". 



9 A.M. UNTIL NOON: Light sleet/snow should be pushing into our southern counties; Cullman, Lawrence (AL), Morgan, Marshall & Franklin (AL).

NOON UNTIL 3 P.M.: Light sleet/snow will now be present in Huntsville, Florence, Athens, Decatur, Scottsboro and Fort Payne beginning to change into a moderate to heavy snowfall by 2-3 P.M.

3 P.M. UNTIL 7 P.M.: This is where we will see moderate to heavy snowfall at for areas south of the Tennessee River but including higher elevations of Madison County and all of Jackson County. Roads will be hazardous to drive on during this time.

7 P.M. UNTIL MIDNIGHT: The system will begin to move out of the Tennessee Valley. Snowfall rates will be dropping during this time but roads will still be tough if not impossible to drive on.

This is why a WINTER STORM WARNING is issued for the Tennessee Valley from 9 A.M. WEDNESDAY until 3 A.M. THURSDAY.





PROBLEMS THURSDAY & FRIDAY: A strong Northwesterly flow of air behind this coastal low, will keep temperatures near the freezing mark for highs Thursday and Friday. Along with cloud cover staying in the forecast for Thursday, we may not see the snow melting until Friday afternoon. Be prepared! Make sure you car is filled with gas, have blankets, batteries, phone charger, kitty litter, and ample supply of dry food in case you get stuck or stranded on the roads.

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Monday 02/23/2015
Winter Weather Likely Tonight And Possible Wednesday

THIS EVENING: There will be a band of wintry precipitation moving across parts o the Tennessee Valley. Best chances will be between: Russellville, Moulton, Cullman & Arab. Road conditions could become slick as some snow accumulates. Totals could be up to 0.5". Flurries to light snow could be possible in extreme northern Alabama but that will depend on how fast the low levels will saturate.


WEDNESDAY: Well here we go again! We are looking at another chance for accumulating snow. There are a few things to keep in mind. We are still 48 hours out from the start of this next winter storm. With how things have been trending we will see "some snow". Now the best chances will be the further south you live. But since this system will be fairly compact for where the snow is expected to fall. The slightest change in storm location will impact snow totals in a big way.

Just remember when you see snow totals being posted in other social media avenues this far in advance. The likelihood of that result being completely accurate is fairly low.


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Messy Beginning of Workweek


DURING THE LATE MORNING/EARLY AFTERNOON HOURS OF MONDAY: We'll continue to see low lying clouds and breezy conditions coming in from the North, making it feel very chilly outside. Highs will only reach into the mid to lower 30's with the wind chill making it feel like it's into the mid 20's. 

BY MONDAY LATE AFTERNOON/TONIGHT: Another disturbance from the Gulf will sweep over the Southeast, looking to bring in a light wintry mix to the lower elevations of Franklin, Cullman, Lawrence and Morgan Co. AL from 3-9 P.M. Possible 1/2" of snow could accumulate.

Next chance of wintry precipitation will likely come on Wednesday night into Thursday as yet again, another coastal low will sweep over the Tennessee Valley. 

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Sunday 02/22/2015
More winter weather coming


MORE WINTRY WEATHER OVERNIGHT:  Winter weather advisory has been issued for the Tennessee Valley from 10pm Sunday to Monday at 9am, in anticipation of seeing some wintry precip moving into the Valley. 


WINTER WEATHER TIMING:  It’s expected to start off as mainly rain around 10pm tonight, and continue to be rain until around midnight when we start seeing a change over to more of a mixed precip type.  Between midnight and 3am we’ll see freezing rain and sleet, and after 3am we could see some flurries falling.


 WHAT TO EXPECT:  We aren’t expecting ice like what we saw on Friday, however, minor accumulations on elevated road surfaces higher elevations could cause some travel delays early on Monday.  Since Monday’s high is just in the mid 30’s and skies remaining overcast, ice that forms will last longer into the day.   Snow accumulations will be no more than a light dusting.  Most of the valley will see less than a tenth of an inch of ice, but a few spots could see a little more than that.


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Saturday 02/21/2015
Wet weather turns drier this week

REST OF THE WEEKEND:  We are going to see showers work their way across the area before finally exiting early Sunday.  Temperatures will be in the mid 30’s with a few locations dropping into the lower 30’s, but I do believe most will remain above freezing.  Winds will be gusty with winds shifting to out of the north at 10-15mph which will help to dry things out. 

MORE WINTER WEATHER POSSIB LE:  Monday has a chance at flurries, but don’t expect accumulation if we see any. Temperatures on Monday will be a bit cooler, with highs in the mid 30’s and mostly cloudy skies.  Lows will drop off into the mid and lower 20’s. 

MILDER WEEK AHEAD:  Calling it a mild week is a bit of a stretch considering temperatures will still be 10+ degrees below average, our average being 57 for the high and 37 for the low.  Most days should make the mid and lower 40’s but its milder than some of the temperatures we’ve seen lately. 

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Friday 02/20/2015
Messy Conditions Friday, Improving and Warmer by Saturday

MESSY FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Winter weather has caused messy and dangerous conditions for Friday afternoon across the TN Valley causing plenty of hazardous conditions on the roads. We've seen reports of anywhere from 1/2 to 1 inch of snow/sleet on surfaces in roadways in multiple areas. As of 4p.m. starting to see that transition into sleet freezing rain 

FRIDAY NIGHT: As we go through the evening east of I-65 will continue to see freezing rain as more warm air makes its way into our area. Throughout the night, expect to see it changeover to all rain as temps warm up to the low mid 30s.

WARMER SATURDAY: We're looking at warmer weather by Saturday. Most of us will see highs in the mid to low 50s with thunderstorms possible by afternoon.

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Friday's Wintry Mess

A disturbance building over Arkansas/Mississippi border will funnel in a wintry mess from the late morning to evening hours of Friday.


The morning commute should be fine with mostly cloudy skies. As we head into the late morning hours, 10-11 A.M., a few light snow showers will move into the Shoals and into Wayne and Lawrence Co. Snow will then move North and East across the rest of the Valley where possibly a dusting to 1 inch of snow could accumulate.



As this system moves in from the Southwest, a warmer layer of air will begin to push into the Tennessee Valley in the middle of the atmosphere, changing snow into sleet and then to freezing rain during the early afternoon time lasting until the evening. Possible Glaze to .1" of ice could form on the roadways during the rush hour commute. Please take it slow, if not, try to leave work early this afternoon to avoid accidents and slick roads.



By nightfall, we should start to see a strong push of warm as as this disturbance will move farther northward, causing freezing rain to change into just rain.

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VIDEO: Redstone Closed but some gates remain open

Redstone Arsenal remains closed Thursday due to the large amount of snow on the roadways. Despite the closure essential personnel are still required to report to work. If you are unsure or have any questions you are asked to contact your supervisor.

Redstone's Operations Center is preparing for whatever Old Man Winter is about to throw at us

With wintry precipitation in the forecast for Sunday night and Monday morning the possibility of icy roadways is already on the minds of many.

AMCOM takes responsibility for the boom heard throughout Huntsville Wednesday night

The testing booms from Redstone Arsenal did more than just startle people Wednesday night; they also reportedly did quite a bit of damage.