EVA, Ala. (WAAY)- This year, Eva has been one of two schools in Morgan County to pilot a program that allows technology in the classroom. Students have had classroom access to over 60 mobile laptops.

  "That has allowed us to help facilitate and teach the students how to use technology with their lessons" says Eva Principal Patrick Patterson. Teachers like Kimberly Dockery have other technology in the classrooms such as iPods, Interwrite Boards, document cameras, and Apple TV's.

  "I wanted to use them in my classroom because I wanted to tap into their world. They are really into the technology" says Dockery. "It helps them remember and it really connects to what is important to them."

  Beginning in February, 6th grade students at Eva will be allowed to bring their own digital devices into the classroom. "I think it will be great, very fun to have it" says 6th grade student Ben Shadden.

  Dockery says she thinks the bring your own device program will be a positive learning experience for students. "I'm really excited because I know the students are excited and that's what's important to me is them being able to have an interest in their own learning" says Dockery. "I think by them bringing their own devices it's really going to tap into that connection with their school work."

  The success of the pilot program has lead the Morgan County School System to install a secure wireless network at all 17 campuses over the holiday break. Each school administration will then have the choice of how they want to use it in the classroom.

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