HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY)-A man in the national spotlight during the federal government shutdown pays a visit to the rocket city.

United States Senate Chaplain Doctor Barry Black was the keynote speaker Saturday at Oakwood University Church.

As the Senate Chaplain, Black prays every morning on Capitol Hill in the senate chambers before each session.

Every day during the shutdown he prayed about the struggle between democrats and republicans. In one prayer Black

 said quote "save us from the madness".  

"The issues we were facing as a nation were critical. A fiscal default would have global

repercussions and I did not want my voice to be unheard during such a challenging time in our nations history" Black said.

Chaplain Black is in Huntsville for the Oakwood University pastoral evangelism leadership meetings.  Black is a graduate of

Oakwood University.  Prior to serving as chaplain, Black was an admiral in the Navy where he served as a chaplain.

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