FLORENCE Ala., (WAAY) - According to University of North Alabama Police, multiple male students who lived in Rivers Hall dormitory were involved in the sexual assault of a female student who also lived in the building. 

A third person was arrested in connection with the rape Monday. UNA Police Chief Bob Pastula said the investigation is on-going, with the possibility that more arrests will be made. 

Pastula said alcohol and partying were involved, and that the female student knew those accused, two of which are UNA football players.

“We are not sure the order of events but she ended up in their room and was sexually assaulted more than once,” Pastula said. 

Prior to the 2011-2012 school year, Rivers Hall housed only male students. The dorm is now co-ed and houses only freshman. Male and female students are separated by floors.

“After this happened maybe its better to live separately," UNA student, Yumi Tsukamoto said.  

After hearing about the rape, some students are saying co-ed dorms are a bad idea, but others disagree, “I think it could happen either way,” SGA President, Will Riley said. 

When asked if co-ed dorms makes his job more difficult. Chief Pastula said, "it definitely makes my job harder, but that is the campus policy and we live with that“.

UNA officials say following this incident the policy will likely be revisited

 “Any time there is an incident of this type of this magnitude, any policies in place that could have been part of the scenario will be carefully reviewed, and if changes need to be made, They will be made," Director of Communications Terry Pace said. 

Charges are pending for the three in custody. Chief Pastula said they will face 1st degree rape charges or sexual assault charges in connection to the rape. 

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