HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY) - Smartphones just keep surprising us with all the things they can do. From finding that perfect partner to staying close.

There’s some built-in technology that allows us to capture our heartbeats and share them with someone else.

Did you know the Avocado tree only produces fruit if it’s near another Avocado tree? Isn’t that sweet?

That little nugget of information is the story behind the Avocado app.

It's designed for couples who want to stay close no matter where they are.

Download the app on both phones and you can share photos, notes, text messages that only your valentine can see.

Not that different from other messaging apps, but Avocado takes romance to another level.

Send your sweetie a hug by placing your phone next to your chest.

It vibrates and sends the hug to your better half, they get the note and the vibration of your hug.

It works with kisses too. Place your lips on their picture and they’ll see that you’re sending along a kiss.

Another fun app is called valentine scanner.

I had Paris and Robert, who are just friends by the way, place their fingers on the app.

It captures their heartbeats, analyizes them to see if they’re beating as one, then reveals whether you’re a good match.

"It says we’re perfect for each other."

"Yeah, I don’t think so."

Well, sometimes Cupid’s arrow doesn’t hit its mark.

Then there’s re-beat.

Using your phone’s camera, re-beat senses your heartbeat.

Once it does, you can add a message and send it to your love, complete with the sound of your beating heart.

They can hear it and feel it through an e-mail or text message.

These apps are free and are all available for ios and android devices.

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