HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY) - That Target security breach that was announced last year is bigger than originally expected.

The breach stems from millions of credit and debit card numbers that were stolen over the Black Friday shopping season.

Target now says it's not just your banking information, it's things like your name, email address and other personal information that could be compromised.

And the company, and customers, could be dealing with the aftermath for months, if not years.

“This is something that could really domino for quite some time,” says Michele Mason, the CEO of the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama.

Target is now saying that security breach is much bigger than the company originally reported.

“We have a lot of members that use online banking, if you have online banking, we would encourage you to check your account more frequently than maybe you have in the past,” says Jonathan Kirby, the Associate Vice President of Risk Management at Redstone Federal Credit Union.

The retail giant now says more than 70 million customers could be affected.

And it's not just your credit or debit card information it's personal information.

"I think that the new information they're reporting as breached such as name, email addresses and so forth, caused us to think about it from a different perspective,” Kirby says.

Redstone Federal Credit Union was one of thousands of banks whose customers were affected.

"People change credit card numbers, we're re-issuing cards so that would shut down that avenue, but people don't change their email addresses very frequently, and with increased numbers of emails coming to everyone every day, sometimes people click on things without thinking,” says Kirby.

Redstone suggests don't click on any links if you're not sure who the email is from.

"Your financial institution, Redstone Federal Credit Union, would never ask for sensitive information through email,” Kirby says.

Redstone says they, along with most other banks, have already notified every member who was affected by the security breach.

"This is going to require people to stay on their toes for many months. We have seen other data breaches where three months later, someone started getting a call from someone claiming that they owed a debt, and knew a lot of information about them, and we believe it was tied to a breach of a payday lender,” says Mason.

"Target is not the first breach that we've dealt with and I'm afraid it won't be the last,” says Kirby.

It's important to note that Redstone Federal Credit Union was, of course, not the only bank that was affected.

Check with your financial institution if you suspect you may be a victim of fraud.

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