HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WAAY) - Judge Schuyler Richardson has denied bail for accused murderer Stephen Stone who was in Madison County Court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing and bond hearing. Stone faces two counts of Capitol Murder for the death of his wife Krista and their seven year-old son Zachary. 

The two were found dead inside their South Huntsville home on February 24th after Stephen turned himself in to Leeds Police. 

During the hearing Investigator Michael Leftwich testifies that Stone told Leeds police that he killed both his wife and son sometime between midnight and 6am that Sunday morning. Leftwich says that Stone admitted to him that a marital dispute led to Krista's death. Stone told police that the day before the murders he left town without telling his wife and when he finally returned late Saturday an argument began between the two. That's when, Stone says, something in him "broke." Leftwich testified that Stone told police he strangled his wife in their family room. During the attack Krista uttered the word “Jesus.” Stone then allegedly went into his son Zacahry’s room and strangled him but when the boy continued to choke, he took him in the bathroom and drowned him before placing back in bed, partially wrapped in a towel.

Stone did not harm his daughters, ages 2 and 4. The next morning he took them to get breakfast and then his parents house in Leeds before turning himself in to police around 10:00am the morning of February 24th.

Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard asked Judge Richardson to deny bail, that request was granted. Stone will sit behind bars until his trial. The defense attorneys Brian Clark and Lonzo Robinson, requested permission to visit the crime scene, that request was also granted. The case now goes to the Supreme Court.

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