RED BAY, Ala. (WAAY)- The town of Red Bay is known for its business industries like Tiffin Motor Homes, Sunshine Dog Food and Swamp John's, but the community is also working together to bring art and culture to the small town.

For the past six weeks, a cast of eight has been rehearsing the play "Love, Sex and the IRS" at the Weatherford Centre in Red Bay.

"The title might throw you off that it's a little racy, but it's not," said actress Tina Smith.

Scotty Kennedy, actor and Bay Tree Council of Performing Arts board member said that theater in the town is a way for the community to be entertained and stay connected in a technology driven age.

"We're losing that one on one reaction in person in entertainment and communication with video and cell phones and watching movies at home or even the move theater which gets you out of the house, but there's nothing like live entertainment or live theater," said Kennedy. "We need to get kids out and let them appreciate live theater."

Heather Mitchell, also a board member, said that the Weatherford Centre was renovated specifically for the community to enjoy different events and theater. Three shows are performed there every year.

"I think it just brings a lot to the community," said Mitchell. "So many people enjoy it, and they look forward to all the plays every year. It just bring something else to Red Bay and brings in so many other people from out of town. We have groups from Huntsville and a lot of people from Mississippi come."

The group is hoping the theater will continue to draw audiences from all over to experience their progressive town.

The show opens Tuesday, February 12 and runs through Sunday, February 17. Performances for Thursday and Friday nights are already sold out but tickets are available for the other shows. Tickets are available at the door or by calling (256) 356-9829.

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