HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY)- Governor Bentley declared a state of emergency Thursday for all Alabama counties, because of a propane shortage. That shortage is impacting chicken farmers, but it’s also affects many other businesses.

Small business that use propane tanks like food trucks here in Huntsville feeling the sting of increasing propane prices. “With the few propane places raising their prices, it’s costing me an extra 50 dollars a month roughly, so that makes me a little worried,” says food truck owner Jason Lafferty

The governor tells us the propane shortage is because of the cold weather we're having. To add more problems into the mix propane prices have risen recently. Governor Bentley says, “Price gouging is certainly illegal and we make sure if that takes place under a state of emergency those people are prosecuted.”

Lafferty says he uses a 100 gallon propane tank for his food truck and he goes through one of those every two weeks.

The governor also says our farmers and people are suffering over this shortage that s why he called a state of emergency. As for Lafferty he says he will drive to Tennessee to buy his propane if the shortage becomes severe, or propane prices increase.

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