Meet Ava Campbell. She's just days away from her 3rd birthday. She's battling High Risk Acute Lymphobloastic Leukemia. She's facing two more years of chemo treatment.


" oh, ava is full of life. Ava's a happy little girl. She's gone through a lot and she's endure a lot. She always seems to come out smiling," says Barbara Wright, a friend of the Campbell's.

Wright, along with other residents in Decatur are hoping to Paint the Town Red in her Honor. The group is selling red ribbons for $10.

   Kenny Tipton, a cancer survivor himself, is joining the mission to Paint the Town Red for Ava.

     These men and women hope red bows will be seen on mailboxes throughout town.

"Absolutely brought something to my heart. I've been around cancer patients before and I'm actually a cancer survivor myself. So, I think it's important to support people through troubling times," says Tipton.

     Troubling times you may not see on this little girls face.


"but she's definitely a trooper, just a special little spirit," says Wright.

     A spirit that needs the help of a community to fight back.

Locations for Pick Up:

Bender's Gym

Decatur Athletic Club

Hartselle Athletic Club

Maurice's at Decatur Mall

Cottage House

Domino's Pizza locations in Decatur

The Brick-- on Thursdays

Roden Surplus Imports

Checks can be made payable to Ava "Bug" Campbell Fund Progress Bank, 255 Grant St. Decatur Al. 35601

There will also be a Celebration for Ava on Feb 16th @ Curry's in Decatur from 6-10pm.

Kenny Tipton wrote this poem for Ava. We'd like to share.


Ava a heavenly angel sent to visit us during tough times,

To show us what a healthy spirit and hope can bring.

I see a tough life,

she sees hope,

I see tears like rain,

she sees sunshine through the clouds,

I see she has trouble walking,

she sees compassion of those who help her,

I see a child who has no energy,

she sees a spirit of power with endless energy,

I see a long life with many trials,

she sees a life with many opportunities,

I see anger and hurt,

she sees Love and understanding,

I see people having a tough day,

she sees people having a chance for grace,

I see people worn out through never ending trials,

she sees strength and the Love to carry on,

I see heartache and pain,

she sees GOD's ability to heal.

I use I simply as someone else and the she is AVA 'Bug'....Maybe will see you tonight.

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