HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY) - Texting while driving is illegal in Alabama and it's still a major concern for parents of teenage drivers. A new device could put parents' minds at ease, but you may have trouble finding it, outside of Huntsville.

The new Textbuster device may be a teen's nightmare, but a parent's dream come true.

"As soon as the key goes in and it's turned and the ignition is started, it blocks everything," said Charles Bratcher of Metro Spy Supply.

The device plugs into a car and -- using bluetooth technology -- immediately disables all texting, e-mailing, and web-surfing on the driver's phone. It's something some see as a solution for more than just dangerous teen drivers.

"I think it's great; I think that we should put it on some adults' cars, too," said Elizabeth Lamar of Huntsville.

If the driver tries to disable Textbuster, an e-mail is automatically sent to the parent and the driver's phone will lock.

If you live in Alabama, Tennessee, or Georgia, the only place you'll find this brand new technology is at Metro Spy Supply in Hunstville.

"We're starting here and I know it's going to spread like wildfire," said Bratcher. He said they're the first to carry this product and interest is already building. "We're going to have displays up in all the DMV's, I know the PTA's are really into it and, the Board of Education, so we're getting the word out really, really quick," added Bratcher.

He says while teen drivers may not be thrilled about this addition, the idea is to keep the roads safer and cut down the chances of a parent getting one of those dreaded phone calls. "If we can eliminate that possibility, then, I'm on board with that."

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