DECATUR (Ala.) - In one month Anna Laura Bryan will arrive in Las Vegas to compete in the Miss America Pageant as the first ever Miss Alabama from Decatur.

I’ve always wanted to do this but just never thought it was a dream that would actually come true,” Bryan said. 

Today friends, family and a community of supporters came together at the Princess Theatre in Decatur to give her a formal send off.

"Its important especially in a town like Decatur to have a send off. It’s a time for her friends and family and support group to rally around her. Although we are almost a month out from the Miss America competition, because of her busy schedule as Miss Alabama this is the only time that would work,” Local Pageant Director, Tim Gann, said. 

Anna Laura did not want the send off to be only about her so she found a way to use the experience to give back.

“Children’s Miracle network provides funding for Children and hospitals all across the nation that need healthcare. So I decided to do a big collaboration of that with being at home and having this send off and having this benefit together," Bryan said. 

That is not all she has done to help children in her time as Miss Alabama. Earlier this year she helped passed a law that allows autistic children to have service dogs in school. One of the service dogs recipients will accompany her to pageant next month.

“She's probably never going to get to have a wedding and never going to get to have a prom and just being involved with the Miss Alabama organization has been a dream because we got that experience,” Mother, Wendy Ellis said. 

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