MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WAAY) - Search teams are looking for a Guntersville man after finding his boat on the Tennessee River Tuesday morning.

Sheriff's investigators and Alabama Marine Police located a boat belonging to Jackie Neil Rowell, 57, Tuesday morning near the Guntersville dam, a day after a missing person report was filed.

The manager of a local marina filed the report Monday after being unable to contact Rowell by phone. Authorities said Rowell would stay in close contact with the marina while on trips, but he hadn't been heard from in the last few days. Rowell reportedly left the Marina Nov. 15 and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Authorities and the Guntersville Rescue Squad are planning an aerial search in addition to searching on the water.

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My uncle Jack
My uncle Jack

I hope he is ok or they find him for family closure...He grew up with me in my early years and as a teen and showed me a lot of cool things. He has always inspired me in music, motorcyles and boats all kinds of hobbies that I would never picked upped on if it wasn’t for him. He was a big part of my younger life and now as I'm 42 all I can do is look upon the years and hope I can be half the uncle to my nephew as he was to me.

He has always been a loner as I am as well; I hope nothing but the best to a person who defines the work uncle.

GOD bless Jackie Rowell: Love your nephew Keith Rowell