HUNTSVILLE Ala (WAAY) - February 1st Huntsville Hospital goes smoke free.

No one is allowed to smoke on the property, and employees cannot smoke during their shift.

"We have had a no smoking policy within the facility for many years, but we determined it was time to take that initiative to our whole campus," Huntsville Hospital Marketing Vice President, Burr Ingram said. 

Nearby businesses like Hartman’s Service Repair and Fuel know the decision could mean more smokers outside their shop. 

“I’ve known its coming, and I asked my husband about it, and he said its another form of discrimination,” Owner Sherl Hirsheller said.  

She said that discussion caused them to decide their policy on smoking. 

“If they want to come over here and smoke they are welcome," Hirsheller said. 

She asked that all smokers stay near the covered area beside their store and clean up after themselves. One hospital employee said he already takes advantage of their offer.

“Its very nice of them they don’t have to do that but I appreciate them doing it,” said an anonymous employee. 

He said he has mixed feeling on the new smoking policy that will result in higher insurance costs for hospital smokers. 

“I see both sides. I know what smoking can do to people. I also know it’s a matter or choice and its addictive. The difference is making that decision is now going to cost me more,” the employee said. 

The Hospital is offering incentives for employees who choose to quit smoking.

"They have the opportunity to have a patch. It obviously includes coaching and also to go through what I think is an eight week course," Ingram said. 

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"Let's go smoke at the gas station." How will they enforce this nonsense? Drug testing for nicotine? but what about people that use the nicotine patch? Nicotine Gum? Or electronic cigarettes?


And more personal freedoms are lost for the pursuit of telling each & every one of us "what is best for us" regardless of our lifestyles. Smoking inside the hospital buildings can be understood for those non-smokers, but outside too? How Draconian!!!
Health profits are driving this and not a real concern for anyone's choices. Next it will be that cars make us lazy & ill too. The right to smoke goes along with the basis of personal choice...and btw I am a NON-smoker, but you have the right to smoke, I am not your Daddy!!!


I think this is again taking away the rights of the people that choose to smoke of course Huntsville Hospital is big business and can treat thier employees any those who have family who come there any way they please. Hey thIs is America. I as a 64year old feel ALL people have the right to decide on this issue. Yes I worked in a professional capasityfor 48 yearsand normally do not comment on issues but this is really some thing the people should get attorneys and fight